Hi there,

How’s your weekend going?

I went for a run this morning at the beach.


i didn’t run in the sand but it makes for a prettier picture than the asphalt loop road that i did run on =)

10 strong miles. I felt really good until mile 9 when my hamstring started barking a bit, i’m currently foam rolling away. I focused a lot on my form today. Tried really hard not to heel strike. Took shorter strides. It really is amazing how that in turn gives faster paces. This was supposed to be a long slow run but after 2 miles easing into things I ended up with 6 tempo miles before slowing it up a bit at the end!

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 1.59.49 PM

I came home, made myself a hamburger (90% lean ground beef) on a sandwich thin and placed a slice of reduced fat chedder cheese on it. Added some greens and a little oil and vinegar and voila….I was re-fueled.

photo 1

Next up was a 2 mile walk in the woods with the pooch—our first woods walk since we officially hit Spring. I almost tripped over a twig until it started to move. Yeah, it wasn’t a twig, it was a SNAKE!!! EEEEWWWWW! Not 10 minutes later and a squirrel (must not have been healthy) ran across the path under Duncan’s legs and Duncan actually tripped over him and the squirrel rolled a few times before trying to bolt! Thank god I grabbed Duncan’s leash and held him back. It’s the closest he ever came to actually getting his prey. Again I think the squirrel must have been sick because he could barely run away.

photo 2

he kept waiting for that squirrel to come back

I’m headed out in a couple of hours with some of my Wolf Pack to our favorite mexican joint called the Burrito Bar. There will definitely be nachos involved =)

Catch ya later!