Well Mother Nature just dropped a whole lot of precipitation on us. You name it we got it…snow turned to freezing rain which eventually turned to plain rain. I opted to venture in to the office only after seeing that the ice layer on my car was quite thin. It ended up being a zippy ride with no issue. The office was super quiet. Most people opted to work from home. After lunch my boss slipped me some cash and asked if I would run an errand for him. It was critical we get donuts for the brave coworkers who trekked in. And so I was off to Dunkin Donuts. All prepared for the slush puddles of NYC with my waterproof boots.

photo 2

My feet are totally submerged from the ankles down

photo 3

I could just eat all dozen in the elevator but i won’t….self control Sally!

photo 4

What’s better than a jelly donut? A heart shaped jelly donut!

photo 5Tomorrow I have a 6 miler to bang out. With the roads and sidewalks such a mess I might just opt for the treadmill at the gym (unless my local park is in good shape). I just don’t want to burn myself out dancing around puddles and ice patches. This particular run is just a straight one…no tempos, intervals, or hills….but that means nothing to break up 6 “dreadmill” miles. #runnerproblems

Well, last night’s Biggest Loser finale left me concerned….somehow seeing the winner drop down to “underweight” just seemed off-putting to me. Tonight it’s American Idol! I’ve already fallen for 2 contestants and Hollywood week just started. Majesty and Spencer.

OOOH, I’m hungry too…ok gotta split…time to make a snackie.

Question: Reality TV? What do you watch? Have you ever seen My Strange Addiction? Now that’s a wild one.