Hi again!

Hope you’re all enjoying Superbowl Sunday in some way shape or form….earlier today I told you all about my fun day running with friends yesterday and I was on the fence about getting in my long run. I mean, I did just have a surgical procedure on Friday….but I felt fine running yesterday. so I decided not make excuses and got “suited up”.

It's Springish in February

It’s Springish in February

It was REALLY warm here today. We’re talking high 40s (might have actually hit 50). I decided to just get in a 2 hour run which would probably be about 10ish miles. 12 just seemed like too much. (go figure?).

photo 2

random graffiti. cute!

While I left the extra outer layer, buff, gloves and winter hat home, I did pile on some other accessories:

photo 3

Garmin watch, SpiBelt with Amphipod iPhone pouch (there was a pack of sport beans in the SpiBelt too), iPod Shuffle, keychain bracelet and handheld Amphipod water bottle. (white cap and sunglasses too!)

It’s been a while since I wore my SpiBelt and I have to say it was REALLY annoying me. The water bottle irked me too (yet that backpack yesterday didn’t bother me at all. Perhaps my mood needed some adjustment today). But I shuffled along and managed to complete 10.25 miles. I have to admit there was no runner’s high today. I enjoyed the weather and maybe 2 or 3 miles but then I just put myself on autopilot to “getterdone”. It’s ok. I never regret a run. Sometimes it’s just not all unicorns and rainbows.

Speaking of unicorns and rainbows….(well not really but it makes for a nice segue) here are a couple more pics from yesterday courtesy of Roger:


Roger’s wife and 2 running peeps Gary and Cindy (who just didn’t run yesterday) joined us for breakfast. The more the merrier.


Roger photobombed his own pic.

I want to give a shout out to my friend and loyal reader Valerie who ran a half marathon in the POURING RAIN today. She was soaked before the race even began. And she still pulled off a sub 2 hour finish time. Go Valerie!

Alrighty. I’m off to relax now and try not to get the Sunday Dreads 🙁 Why can’t weekends be longer?

Question? What’s your favorite day of the week? Mine is Thursday. I am off on Thursdays. It always feels like a bonus. Anyone else watching the Puppy Bowl?