OK Before I tell about how I ended up seeing Les Miserables on Broadway tonight I’ll fill you in on the drama/saga that is getting that stinkin’ referral.

I won’t be seeing the foot doc until next Tuesday and I am really annoyed about it. Apparently my lovely doctors office never submitted the referral for authorization to the insurance company and tonight’s appointment with the podiatrist had to be canceled 🙁 next available slot is next Tuesday. And so I will continue to work on my limp swagger 🙂 I’m really only frustrated because I am afraid to do any form of cardio (bike etc) until I get official diagnosis and instruction from doc. And if this turns out to just be tendonitis then I could have already had a physical therapy session or two!

Moving on…my boss and I were getting the final edits completed on our big presentation for today and he mentioned that TKTS was selling tickets to Les Miserables at 50% off. His other half was out of town on business and he asked if I wanted to go see if we could get decent orchestra seats for the show. I lined up doodle coverage and then said yes.



My boss walked and I swagger-hobbled up the 10 blocks from our office to Times Square to the TKTS window where we got our tickets and then went to grab a bite at Ruby Foos, an Asian/Fusion style restaurant.

Ruby Foos

A mai tai and sushi…asking for a belly ache

We even got dessert.

salted caramel cake

salted caramel vanilla bean soaked cake. Beyond fabulous!

After eating we made our way a couple of blocks down to the theater…

Imperial Theater

Arriving at the theater

We got seated and then it was showtime…

les miserables

1/2 price tickets

playbillIt was an exceptional night although my foot ached. I took the bus back home and walked in the door well past midnight!

I came home to some packages from Amazon. I knew right away who shipped them.

My sister-in-law- wanted to cheer me up…

photo 4-1


When life hands you lemons...

When life hands you lemons…

and my favorite of the gifts…


for when life gets shitty

for when life gets shitty

Great way to end the night. Today I’m going to lay around and keep my foot up as much as possible. I really can’t believe I’ve been limping for 6 days already. I think this is a new PR…

Question: Have you ever seen a Broadway show? Do you like them?