Happy Wednesday…

I am officially on vacation until next Tuesday. I have lots to do around the house so it’s going to just be a STAYcation…and the timing is perfect because we’re getting a blizzard starting after midnight tonight.

Last night I received not one, not 2, but 3 packages!

photo 1

I knew that my replacement running capris would be arriving soon and I knew my sister-in-law had ordered me an Otterbox iPhone case for my new phone (foreshadowing), but the Run Like a Girl medal holder was a total surprise! We were talking about how the 2 medal holders I have were filling up and she wanted to make sure my 2014 bling would have a home. I love her!

I hit the mall this morning at 10am when they opened to go to the Apple store and finally upgrade to the new iPhone. I brought the new case like a parent would bring a car seat to bring baby home. LOL.


welcome to your new home iPhone 5S. I will love you forever two years

I used some gift cards I received over the holidays and then forked over the balance. Considering my phone is probably the most valuable thing after my dog and my running sneakers I’d say it’s worth the money because I get every penny’s worth and then some!

Next up was a pit stop to Dicks Sporting Goods for a stash of Sport Beans and HoneyStinger chews now that my long runs will be 14+ miles.

photo 2-1

And then to the Dr. for my follow-up and pathology results. Benign! Benign! Benign! I am so relieved.

I hit up Trader Joes for some groceries so I won’t starve tomorrow during the storm.

photo 1-1

note the most important item, the chocolate covered almonds!

And then I met my dear friend Doreen and her Dogues (the Turner and Hooch dogs) for a nice long walk.

photo 2

watching the bird formation. they are gettin’ the heck outta dodge before the storm

photo 3


photo 4

can we stay here forever ma? i’m having so much fun.

photo 5

over here guys! i think i found a mouse

We let them off the leash to romp in the snow a bit since not a soul was around. It was great! And that’s how I started off this STAYcation..

I’ll be shoveling tomorrow for some cross training I suppose and probably will move my run to Friday…but not Friday evening. That would be pathetic. Well maybe not….spending Valentine’s day running is love for sure….

Question: What music are you loving lately? I have lots of iTunes gift cards and want to buy some new stuff while I’m snowed in. How is life with you these days? Happy? Healthy? I sure hope so