Howdy people,

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’ve had a 4-day weekend and it STILL flew by. Friday was July 4th and I was looking forward to just laying low but soon low turned to lonely…then I got a text from my friend Z that she was having a BBQ and Duncan and I should come by. Perfect timing.

Duncan had prepared all morning:


Good thing the doodle rested up because his pal Chance was waiting patiently for his arrival. These dogs are buddies that go way back…They met in 2010.


They kept an eye on the grill. I kept an eye indulged on the canolis.

bbq cannoli

It rained for a bit so we stayed indoors but as soon as the rain passed we sprawled out on the deck.

bbq lounge

just chillin on auntie Z’s lap


you gonna share that burger?


no worries! i’ve got the grill under control!


i can’t believe nobody dropped a single crumb!

Duncan and I headed home before sunset because he isn’t a fan of the fireworks. I’m grateful he isn’t a total disaster but the noise keeps him alert and unsure. His tail goes down and his ears go up and he can’t relax.  So we blasted the television and shut the lights and by 10:30pm he finally fell asleep.

Yesterday morning was perfection! The temps dropped after the rain and I woke up to 63 degrees and really low humidity. And it was nice a breezy too. It almost felt like October. I headed out to the beach with a smile on my face and set out for my first post-injury long run. After being silly for the camera phone I eventually cranked out 8 miles!

so happy I could fly

so happy I could fly

foot is strong and balance is coming back

foot is strong and balance is coming back


there’s something so awesome about this view.

feet in the sand

loving my Asics Cumulus 16s!



still slow but i’m totally ok with that!

I managed to be a couch potato for most of the afternoon and then in the evening Duncan and I met a friend and his dog Chester for a walk on the beach. I have no pictures and trust me I’m saving you! Let’s just say dead fish and ticks were involved as were dog baths later on. EEEWWWW!

This morning I did some more couch potato channel surfing (ooh sorta sounds like cross training!) and then cleaned out my garage. Caught up on the ole telephone with a few friends and then I made a last minute decision to squeeze in a bike ride before heading to the grocery store.

the Norwegian Breakaway cruiseship settin' sail

the Norwegian Breakaway cruiseship settin’ sail under the Verrazano Bridge

Ride Sally Ride!

Ride Sally Ride!

sun shining thru the boardwalk

sun shining thru the boardwalk

why not take a selfie under the boardwalk

why not take a selfie under the boardwalk

under the boardwalk

notice the plastic tie straps holding the water bottle holder in place? That’s what we call “MacGuyvering”

sundaybikeI also took the doodle for a last quick walk in the woods to close out the weekend.

photo 4And appropriately we saw this:

Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday America

So now it’s time to prepare for the week ahead. I leave you with this video of the doodle just chillin’ shot gun…

How was your weekend?