Yesterday, I woke up before my alarm (it was somewhere around 5am) and within a minute of me being awake my power went out. At first I wasn’t too alarmed, I didn’t have to worry about the alarm clock waking me up since I was up but then I realized that without power my Keurig coffee maker wouldn’t work!



It went from bad to worse. This also meant no heat! Yikes! The temperature: 5 measly degrees! I laid in bed for another 2 hours until finally it was time to figure out how I was going to deal with this crisis. I took the dog out and then rapid fired texts to some friends to see if anyone was up and would let me come take a hot shower at their house. I checked the thermostat in my house and it was 47 degrees by this point. As soon as I received a response that I had a friend nearby with power I did what I knew would calm me down….I went for a run.

photo 1

5 degrees outside….47 degrees inside….either way i was gonna have to bundle up.

I’m glad I went. It was cold and windy for sure but I came back calmer. I immediately grabbed the dog and a change of clothes and we drove to my friend’s house where Duncan milked the situation for a boatload of cookies and I showered and got ready for work.


doodle milking face

I checked online at the power company’s website and it said power should be restored by noon. It was now almost 11am and I really needed to get to work. (My boss understood that I’d be late but appreciated that I didn’t come to work unshowered). I drove home to drop the dog off and low and behold the power was back! So I made a quick cup of joe in a travel mug, left the cookie monster and drove to the bus stop and eventually made it to work by 12:30pm.

I actually have to be thankful for the whole debacle because there was no way I was getting out of bed to run at 6:30am when I was supposed to go. So waiting to secure a friend with power allowed me to get that 3 miler in at 8:45 which is so much more humane =)

Today I ran another 3 miles only I wore one less shirt and one less pair of pants since it was a balmy 16 degrees! I took the day off since I had a doctor’s appointment, so I ran at 11:30am.

photo 2

there’s one less shirt and one less pair of pants on today due to the heat wave

I am always reading about running stride length and cadence (foot turnover). So I decided to see how many strides per minute I actually ran for my regular average pace (which was 10:30). I did the test 3 times and each time it was 174. Not sure what that means. I just like the way the word sounds. If I had a baby girl I think I’d name her Cadence. =) So that’s all I have to say about that. If you’ve got any insight to this whole foot turnover/stride length stuff do tell!

Question: Is it too soon to start thinking about the weekend? What’s your take on cadence?