Where to begin? Well I’ll just give you a list of the things that have thrilled me today because lists always make life easier:

1. Medal Replacement

My replacement NJ Marathon medal arrived today! (the one I received after crossing the finish line broke and I emailed them).

re-lived that great day today

re-lived that great day today


2. Limp Lambchop

I decided to let Lambchop live. I removed the remaining squeeker and stuffing and tossed it in the garbage and now Duncan has a limp Lambchop (Yikes I hope that didn’t sound perverted.)


the last of Lambchop’s innards…

3. Retail Therapy (flowers and wine)

Went to Sam’s Club with my friend and we stocked up on stuff. I got some fresh carnations. (just threw out the ones I bought on 4/25! That’s why I love carnations….they last forever.
We also stopped at the discount liquor store where I got some little individual bottles of wine for those nights where I just need one glass and took a picture with Captain Morgan =)

captainmorgan newcarnations

4. Fajitas!

We also went out to eat at my favorite Tex-Mex joint, Jose Tejas, but I changed it up and went with the Steak Fajita Salad instead of just regular fajitas. The citrus-lime chipotle dressing was amazing!josetejas


5. An Edible Arrangement

My sister in law felt that the goodies from Amazon weren’t enough so today she sent me an edible arrangements and smiley face balloon! How lucky am I?!


6. LIMP-FREE steps!

And the biggest news is that I took some of my first LIMP-FREE steps since last Saturday!!!! I still feel soreness and tingles on the foot/ankle and definitely some unstable/wobbly-ness but it’s a small sign things are moving in the right direction.

And so now you know why I’m thrilled today =)


Question: Any Thursday thrills you’d like to share with the class?



It’s Thankful Thursday for me today. I’m off on Thursdays and I really needed the time to take care of some bills/chores/shopping etc.

I’ve been updating my day on Facebook so here’s how today’s been going so far…

thankful thursday, 6 miles, frozen mango shin splint therapy

thankful thursday, 6 miles, frozen mango shin splint therapy

So after i ate the nectarine in the car driving home while icing my shin with the frozen mangos I ate a Banana Baby. Have you had one? OHHHH EMMMM GEEEEEE!!!!! So delicious


130 calories of frozen chocolatey deliciousness

The weather is fabulous again today! We even had the window open this morning to enjoy the breeze…

happy doodle

happy doodle

Well I’m off to take the doodle for a nice 2 mile walk with my friend and her two French Mastiffs (Turner and Hooch dogs =).

Question: What is your favorite type of frozen fruit? I love mangos and cherries best frozen.