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I started questioning this morning whether social media has enhanced my desire to talk about the weather or whether I’d just be rotary dialing my friends and family more often and still talking about the weather. I can’t believe I broke out my down jacket already.img_6967

This morning I ran an easy 3 miles and it was in the 40s and raining.

3 easy miles

3 easy miles

thumbhole shirt

why do we get so excited for thumb holes?

I broke out the thicker long sleeve running shirt with thumbholes! Before you know it I’ll have gloves and a wool or fleece hat too. I’m not complaining just yet. It is so nice to finally be done with 80+ temps and 80% humidity.

It's raining it's pouring....

It’s raining it’s pouring….

I had a lovely birthday that started out with brunch at my sister-in-law’s house. She made french toast casserole and candied bacon.

Candied Bacon and French Toast Casserole

Candied Bacon and French Toast Casserole

It was so delicious. Probably caused my arteries to clog but so worth it. Candied bacon is my new favorite sweet and salty combo. Sharon, my SIL also got me a few gifts including this plush faux fur dark purple throw that Duncan has already approved of.

Real fur on Faux fur

Real fur on Faux fur

Mr. SOTSS had flowers sent to my house and I almost missed the delivery.

Pretty flowers!

Pretty flowers!

I was in the bathroom coloring my hair when the doorbell rang. But I managed to not scare the delivery guy away when I answered the door.

The dogs just hung out right outside the bathroom watching me color my hair

The dogs just hung out right outside the bathroom watching me color my hair

I worked the rest of the afternoon with the dogs hovering.

Oh it's 5:00pm. Someone is letting me know it's dinnertime

Oh it’s 5:00pm. Someone is letting me know it’s dinnertime

In the eve when Mr. SOTSS got back from work we went to the local diner. He said I could pick the restaurant and I just wanted something simple. I’m not a fancy meal kinda gal AT ALL. I was excited to get the dinner special that includes Jello, ice cream or pudding for dessert. I went with the rice pudding…..my fave.

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday gift from him was the Train concert tickets last month when we were in at the Washington State Fair but he picked up a few additional things for me including a mirror and headlight for my bicycle and the solar windshield doo-hickey that helps shade the car cabin in the summer when it’s parked so it isn’t a million degrees when you get back to it. YAY!

I’m excited already for my birthday next year because 44 happens to be my lucky number. I don’t know why. It’s just been my lucky number since I was a kid.

So this weekend Duncan needs a costume to wear because we’ll be trick-or-treating. I am a little embarrased to say he has a lot of costumes to choose from.

dog costumes

Dog costumes galore rain,

The groom and line”barker” costumes haven’t been worn yet but I think we’re going simple this year with this goofy hat and tie.

Keepin' it simple

Keepin’ it simple

Although he did look adorable in some of those other costumes…

Argh it's a Pirate Doodle

Argh it’s a Pirate Doodle

The Sherif in Town

The Sherif in Town

Rufferee complete with whistle around his neck

Rufferee complete with whistle around his neck



Are you into Halloween? Do you dress up? Dress your dog or kids up?

What’s your fave? Sweet and salty, just sweet or just salty?

I’ll let you in on a little secret….12/26 is my favorite day! I’m always happy to be done with the holidays. I find it’s just a whole lot of pressure…finding the right gifts and determining who’s house I’ll be going to for the eve and the day. I’m a little like a nomad. =)

I ended up spending both the eve and the day at my brother and sister-in-laws. I didn’t take pictures but I ate more food in 48 hours than I did all year:

• eggplant rollatini, penne with vodka sauce, chicken cutlets, potato croquettes, rice balls,
• baked clams, shrimp scampi, tilapia, scallops
• brownies, cookies, rice pudding, pound cake, cheesecake

Quite healthy no? 🙂

This morning, I continued the “health kick” with some french toast casserole that my sister-in-law made.

french toast casserole

french toast casserole

I ran another 4 miles and then walked 2 1/2 with the dog.


I really love these 4-6 mile runs. I know in a few weeks they will be my “short” runs, but right now they are just enough to feel good physically and mentally but give me enough time to get other stuff done on my days off.

While I bought most of my own gifts this year (the trampoline, jewelry and sunglasses to name a few), my friend bought me one really cool gift that I had my eye on. It’s the HB Tuneband, a phone holder that straps to your hand.

jazz hands

jazz phone hands

I am not a big fan of arm bands because they feel more like a tourniquet. So usually I use a phone pouch (I have this one from amphipod) attached to my spibelt to hold it. Mostly I use my phone for races where I need to be able to meet friends before or after and need to text or call them. This is a nice alternative to the phone pouch/belt combo! There’s only one fly in the ointment….I was hoping to be able to have easy access to the phone for taking pictures while running. #fail! It does have a clear touch screen so i can send a quick text if I had to while running. But the camera lens on the back of the phone is covered and the strap is a bit too cumbersome to undo and free the phone while running (unless of course I want to trip and fall flat on my face =).

photo 4-1

you can access the screen ok but can’t take pictures….the lens is covered 🙁

For races where I’m planning on focusing on time and not picture taking i’ll definitely use it. Of course having a new phone contraption to add to my arsenal left me with the itch to clean out my electronics/running gear catch-all drawer. I think I had one too many iPhone cases…

photo 5-1

I think my sunglasses and earbuds multiplied too. I found some phone chargers from the 2 flip phones I had years back (Can you say MotoRazr? LOL!)

So back in October I turned 40 and my parents offered to have the inside of my house painted as a gift. I’ve lived here 13 1/2 years and most of the rooms are still “builder’s white”. I’m not very good at committing so choosing colors has taken me months. But I’ve finally made progress…

photo 1I find it ironic that the main living space color I chose is called “meditation”. Hmm, maybe I’ll be calmer finally! Today I have to work, but I’m going to start adding my marathon training runs to my calendar. I officially will begin training in 10 days! WOO HOO!

I hope you all had a lovely (and somewhat stress free) holiday. And I hope you’re not working today like me.

SO, Tell me what gifts you got? Anyone else in a food coma? Anyone gearing up to train for a race or other event soon?