We sure got walloped with a lot of snow yesterday.


I knew commuting through the blizzard would be unpredictable, unsafe and quite honestly just frustrating so I cleared it with my boss to work from home. The best part of this was that it saved me from having to deal with shoveling or leaving the house for most of the day. I did bundle up to take the dog out a couple of times.


Life is always good!


Snow nose!


I think my privates just froze

Good thing I had no running on the agenda. Work kept me busy. My meals were pretty last resort….packet of oatmeal for breakfast and a pb&j sandwich for lunch. Thankfully I remembered I had this one piece of “in case of emergency” chocolate saved for a day just like this.

photo 3

emergency chocolate!

So I tore open that wrapper and indulged along with a cup of coffee right after my 3:00 conference call. (Note to self: buy a replacement chocolate square ASAP!)

Eventually after the snow stopped falling I shoveled out, cleaned off the car and trekked out to the grocery store. I literally was the only customer.


sole supermarket shopper

Today, I went to the gym at lunch for what should have been a 5 mile hill workout. Well I had to stop at 4 miles because I got lightheaded and almost passed out. I went to the locker room and just sat down on a bench for a few. Then put my coat on (over my sweaty running clothes) and hoofed it back to the office. I was afraid to get in the hot shower because of how woozy I felt. I finally started to feel better after being back at the office and eating a turkey sandwich. Luckily none of my coworkers noticed since I am always a pretty casual dresser. Lol.

photo 5The run was great while it lasted. I kept the speed steady at 6mph (10:00 mile pace). I put the incline to 1 for a half mile and then bump it up to 5 for the next half alternating this for all 4 miles. It really clearly showed how my effort level increases dramatically to maintain the same pace on the inclines. I know that these Tuesday workouts (intervals, tempos, hills) are definitely making me a better, stronger and hopefully slightly faster runner.

I’m now chillin’ on the sofa with the dog and we’re watching the Biggest Loser Finale! I always love to see the transformations but for heaven’s sake, why must they put these people in high heel shoes that are so high they can’t walk down the steps? These are real people…not runway models.

We’re getting another snow/ice storm starting late tonight and into tomorrow morning. I guess I’ll evaluate in the morning whether or not i’ll be heading to the office or working from home.

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening.

Anyone watching the Biggest Loser?