I can’t believe it’s been just about a week since I ran the New Jersey Marathon and I am finally feeling like I can walk normally! But I’m still not ready to run. I’m not even ready to do any form of cardio really. My cross training has consisted of walking with Duncan and a little mall shopping.

This morning's walk complete with coffee and the doodle

This morning’s walk complete with coffee and the doodle

Hot on the trail for a squirrel

Hot on the trail for a squirrel

I’ve still got some problem spots that started to bother me just a few days before the marathon. There’s the ankle….you know the one i’ve now injured 4 times! I can feel some mild tendonitis lingering and am being VERY careful to let it rest and not end up where I was last year. And this new issue is my hip. It’s on the same side that my knee was bothering me so I’m wondering if it’s just more quad/IT hamstring tightness that’s causing the pain but now at the top instead of down at the knee. Sigh! I don’t feel the pain sitting but I definitely feel it when walking. I’m hoping to ease into some type of exercise next week….I’ll try the stationary bike and the elliptical and see if either seems comfortable. But I’m not going to run for at least another week which is so hard to do because the weather here is perfect!

Sweet budding tree and blue skies

Sweet budding tree and blue skies

So while mall shopping I got myself some “dressy” sneakers. Since I don’t always like to wear sandals in the warmer months (especially in dirty NYC) I wanted some sneakers that were comfy but didn’t scream athletic footwear. Enter these cute Easy Spirit and Sketchers slip-ons…

They've got memory foam! LOVE

They’ve got memory foam! LOVE

My "dressy" sneakers.

Rubber sole = sneaker in my book

On another foot note  I was sent some socks from a company called Kushyfoot. While they were sent to me free of charge I am not being paid to write about them. I just really liked them and thought I’d share. They have sewn in padding right under the toes/ball of foot area. I have worn 2 different styles. One is an ultra low cut foot cover that can be worn with my new “dressy” sneakers or even ballet flats. And the other are the athletic foot cover which is like a sportier “sockier” version.


Their packaging is a little dated looking but I like the socks.


I love that nobody will know i’ve got these cuties on under my shoes.


This is a close up of the padding. It REALLY helps with my metatarsal neuroma issue under my middle toe.


Can you “spot” the padding?


Athletic foot covers….

kushyfoot-atheltic2So while my body continues it’s marathon recovery resting period I’ll enjoy comfy feet. Duncan is happy to join me resting up.

We walked for a half hour and then he slept for 3 hours #typical

We walked for a half hour and then he slept for 3 hours #typical

I’m looking forward to feeling better and being active again. In the meantime I’m reminding myself how important it is to listen to my body. Hopefully I don’t continue mall shopping for cross-training because I won’t be able to afford it. 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

What are your most comfortable shoes?

Do you love shoes that you can’t wear because of foot problems?
I need to have a roomy toe-box so I can’t really wear ballet flats.