So I have little to say as far as sweating out the small stuff goes. No sweating….frankly i’m just stressing and eating and that’s all gonna have to stop before I spiral. =) I’m going to try for a little cross-training tomorrow or Thursday. Luckily we’re super busy at work leaving me little time to feel bad that I’m taking a few more days off from running.

Last night I had my own personal Cinco de Mayo celebration with a huge bottle of (non-mexican) wine…

big bottle of riesling

big bottle of riesling

And after one glass I fell asleep. Yes boys and girls, welcome to 40. #oldlady

Duncan tried to wake me with his stuffed buffalo but it didn’t work…


Hey ma! Wake up and take this Buffalo and throw it across the room!!


In the meantime, my friend Sue who blogs over at WriteAwaySue just posted this entry which is super funny! If you have elderly folks or grand folks you will get a kick out of this.


If you’re new to running or even just feeling like you have seen little progress with your running check out Karla’s post where she celebrates her 7-year “raceiversary” and shows how far she’s come since her first race in 2007.

Jane’s Marathon Recap

And my friend Jane (who shared the glory of crossing the finish line with me) has her recap up in part 1, part 2 and part 3 for the NJ Marathon. She has some great reflective thoughts in part 3!

see jane and sally finish the marathon

see jane and sally finish the marathon


Question: Anything funny or inspirational to share? Anyone else get sleepy after a glass of wine?