I’m still not running. Almost went out for a few today but decided to stretch and foam roll instead. So basically I’ve been walking.

I took the dog to the beach for a walk and caught a lovely sunset on Tuesday night.

Sunset and a doodle

Sunset and a doodle

sally seashore selfie

sally seashore selfie

It was quite relaxing…up until the point I found a tick crawling on Duncan. Luckily I grabbed it while it was still on the outer fur and not attached and feeding. EEEEWWW!

Yesterday was a commuting-disaster-busy-day-at-work sandwich! Both my morning and my evening commutes were 2+ hours a piece (more than double normal time). I was so grateful that I went to the beach and caught that sunset the night prior. I planned to just crash when I got home last night but then my friend Lenny invited me over to see his new puppy and catch up a bit.

Ludo and Lucy

Ludo now has a baby sister Lucy. She’s a cutie.

This morning I took Duncan to the vet for some routine booster shots. Since we were hopping right in the car I didn’t put his leash on. He stepped over the threshold but turned around and looked at me as if to say “hey you forgot to put my leash on”.

where's the leash

where’s the leash

I spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon cleaning out the garage, and eating carbs. I’m just in a funk lately. Carbs are not the answer but since I don’t know what the answer is I’ll keep eating the carbs. LOL!

Luckily my friend Doreen texted me that she would love to meet up to walk the dogs. Perfect. Therapy and exercise for all!

wet feet

doodle and his dogues

All the rain we had flooded the path a bit and although Duncan hates water he trudged through the puddle begrudgingly. It was pretty foggy and the boats that were sailing past had loud fog horns that seemed to get Duncan a bit unsettled. I don’t blame him. Those horns are loud. We spent an hour and a half walking and hanging out a bit on the beach. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Only negative was the hour I spent pulling burrs out of Duncan’s paws. They really got tangled in his fur.


I realized I had no food in the house for dinner so I ordered chinese food.

photo 2-1

normal that I write what I’m going to order on the menu? I do it EVERY TIME!

After dinner I just relaxed with none other than my love…

photo 1

photo 2

too tired to play fetch

And I need to perform emergency repair on a finger nail that broke really low! AHHHH! The sky is falling!!!!

photo 1-1Saturday morning I’m running a 5k with some of my running peeps. It’ll be my test to see how the ankle is doing. I’m really hoping it feels good…I’ve been in a funk and really need to run.

Well, clock just struck midnight so I’m off to dreamland.

Question: Any suggestions for how to handle my broken nail. Anyone else feel like they’re in a funk lately? Too early to discuss weekend plans? What are y’all doing?