What have you been up today? I ran this morning after taking off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to recover from the New Jersey Half Marathon I was happy to get in 3 miles.

IMG_2703I wanted to run more but had a luncheon to attend and didn’t have enough time. I love, love, love when I run those first few miles after a race and feel good. Nothing hurts! Yippee! And believe it or not today is the first day that the rain stopped since Sunday!


I wore my finisher’s shirt and while I was worried the size large would be too big it was actually fine. Roomy but comfortable.

I have some big news. I am starting a new job on Monday! It’s going to be a full time, out of the house gig which means Duncan and I won’t be able to hang on the sofa together while I work. IMG_2712I’ve been freelancing for a while, mostly at home, with some temporary, on-site consulting gigs here and there so this will be a huge transition for both of us. It will also be the first time I work in New Jersey. And I’ll be in a more senior role so I won’t be able to wear my usual uniform of hoodies and jeans. I bought some dress pants and a few new tops and pulled out some non-sneakers from the back of the closet that I haven’t worn in a while.

took this new outfit for a trial run at the luncheon today

took this new outfit for a trial run at the luncheon today

And if this sports bra chafing (from Sunday) on my chest doesn’t go away by Monday I’ll be wearing that too!

IMG_2706No more commuting to Manhattan. I’ll be driving to work. I’m worried that life will get a little sedentary for me so I’ve got to figure out a new plan for reaching my 10,000 steps a day and getting in some running. Luckily no distance races on my calendar until October so I’ll take it slow during this transition. We all know I am NOT a morning person.

It’s Cinco de Mayo¬†but MORE¬†importantly it’s Meb Kehflezghi’s birthday

photo: NYRR

photo: NYRR

and MOST importantly it’s my niece’s sweet 16th birthday!


This pic is 2 years old now but it’s my favorite! Love her!

Do you track your steps daily? Who drives to work? What do you do in the car?