It’s hard to believe that it was 80 degrees on Tuesday September 17th when i ran my half marathon in South Dakota and just yesterday they were slammed with over 3 feet of snow! Talk about a complete 180 in just 2 weeks!

I didn’t run today. I started my day volunteering at an Autism Speaks fundraising walk. I took photos.

photo 1

Then I relaxed and did a whole lot of nothing for a couple of hours. My schedule gets crazy for the next 5 weeks and I just wanted to shut off and do nothing for a bit. But then I got the doodle’s “you’re putty in my paws” look and I took him for a walk through the woods and around our local park. I was hoping the Autumn colors would be emerging but it’s hit or miss here and the area we went today was still pretty green. So I wore a colorful shirt to compensate:

photo 4

photo 2

I thought the leaves are supposed to be changing ma?

photo 3


After dinner I took a quick trip to Target for some grocery items. I ended up grabbing a halloween costume for Duncan too! (I bought both but am leaning toward the tuxedo).

photo 5

Tomorrow the plan is to be out the door about 6:30am to get to my running spot at sunrise. I’m planning on running 14 miles along the boardwalk and underneath the Verrazano Bridge. It’s time to get excited and start visualizing the start of the NYC Marathon.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend. I’m off to bed.

Question: Which costume should I make Duncan wear? Tuxedo? Pirate?


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