running shoes for wide feet and a rustic country wedding

I returned to running about 3 weeks ago and am still trying to figure out the best running shoe situation for my feet post-injury. #thestruggleisreal

8 successful runs! On target to reach my 5k distance at the end of the month

8 successful runs! On target to reach my 5k distance at the end of the month

Before injuring my toe I was running in the Asics Cumulus 18s.

Cumulus 18s

Cumulus 18s (photo from March 2017 the day before I started limping)

I wore a size 8 regular width and they felt great. I’ve also run in the Brooks Ghost (size 8) back when they were only up to the 6s (now they’re up to the 10s).

Brooks Ghost 6s saw me to my marathon PR

I have a wider forefoot but when I was analyzed and fitted by both Jackrabbit and Road Runner Sports both said I could wear a regular width. But now after this dang toe injury I find that I’m happiest with more room for my toes to splay. I also find that the two widest bones don’t like to feel squeezed in the slightest (where the base of the pinky toe connects on the outside of the foot and where the base of the big toe connects in the inside of the foot). Back in April I discovered the brand Altra—with their “foot shaped toe box”  and “zero drop” and purchased the Escalante. They have been amazingly comfortable walking and I have also run a few of my short recent runs in them.

Wore the Escalante yesterday as I took a stroll through the neighborhood

Wore the Escalante yesterday as I took a stroll through the neighborhood

ran 22 minutes last week in the Escalante

ran 22 minutes last week in the Escalante

I just love how comfy they feel around the front of my feet. I don’t know if the zero drop has anything to do with my love for them yet since I’ve only run in them a few times but I do feel like my stride comes naturally in them so that’s good.

I was almost about to buy another pair of the same when I thought I’d try out another style in Altra’s line of shoes. The Torin 3.0. The Escalante’s are less cushioned and I thought maybe the extra cushion of the Torin 3.0s would enhance my ride as I start building my mileage. But it hasn’t worked out that way. I first bought the Torin’s in the same size 8 as the Escalante’s. I realized that they were super snug not so much in length but in width.

The Altra Torin 3.0 in size 8

The Altra Torin 3.0 in size 8

They felt constricting and stiff. And I realized that when I went to tie them there was hardly any slack as I had loosened the laces as much as I could to try and make room. So I returned them and got a half size larger. In the store they felt great! I had plenty of lace this time so I thought problem solved. I ran 25 minutes in them on Monday.

Smiling because I ran 25 minutes not because the sneakers fit any better

Smiling because I ran 25 minutes not because the sneakers fit any better

Unfortunately they still felt constricting and stiff. The Escalante style is more “sock-like” as it is made out of a knit vs the traditional mesh (and if you see in the photo above, the royal blue area on the Torin is like painted on rubber over the mesh that doesn’t allow for much give).

So I think I’m going to just get another pair of the Escalante. And also try out the latest versions of Cumulus and Ghost in a wide width. But of course the wide widths aren’t always available in the stores which means I’m probably going to have to do a lot of online purchasing and returning.

And now shifting gears….

This past weekend I drove 3 hours up north to be a guest and a photographer at a wedding of two very special people.IMG_3479

the bride and groom and their pups

the bride and groom and their pups

The 3 of us worked together for many years. The wedding was all sorts of perfect! Their beautiful farmhouse in the country on a perfect Autumn day was the perfect setting for their long awaited nuptials.


And the groom, who was my boss and mentor for so many years, used his creative skills to create the most beautiful farm table and table scape for the guests to dine at.IMG_2650 I’m thrilled for them and so happy that they asked me to photograph their special day.


ring bearer, flower girl and the bride

ring bearer, flower girl and the bride

it's finally about to happen

it’s finally about to happen

But of course, being a guest too I did stop for food and conversation. Oh….the cake!!!! DELISH.

camera down....fork up :)

camera down….fork up 🙂

Have you ever been to a rustic country wedding? Or just an outdoor wedding?

How do you choose your running shoes? Do you wear Brooks, Asics or Altra? Any brands you can suggest for me and my Flintstone feet?

Do you do buy shoes online or in person?


  1. I have not been to a rustic country wedding, but I have been to an outdoor wedding. I can’t imagine having an outdoor wedding because I am so type A, I would be paranoid about the weather!

    I used to be a ride or die Saucony fan, until they changed the Triumphs :/ So, now I am back in to my original, brand-new-to-running shoe, Asics. As for shopping, I only buy in store, so I can walk around and test them out. I also like to patronize our local running store!

  2. Good luck finding the perfect shoes! I am wearing Brooks but I would say they are kind of narrow so you may not like them. What a beautiful wedding and a stunning bride!

  3. I’m finding that as I get older, my feet are getting wider and I need more room in the toe box too. So strange! Anyway, I hope you find the right shoes. I’m still experimenting between Brooks and Asics.
    The wedding looks beautiful! I love the table decorations and the hem of the bride’s dress. Also, any opportunity to eat cake is a good one! Congratulations to the happy couple!

    • I read that as we age we also lose some of the fat on the balls of our feet. Sigh! Let me know how your experimenting goes. The groom not only did the decorating of the table but he BUILT the entire farm table too! He used to do set design for theater so he has that skillset. I loved the hem of the dress too. Gives the shoes an opportunity to have the spotlight 🙂 Of course I’ll be wearing sneakers if I ever get married again. 🙂

  4. My wide feet like Saucony Rides best. I haven’t tried their latest, but the Ride 6, 7, and 9 did well for me. Mizuno did not, and I haven’t tried any others. It’s good to see your running again though!

  5. I’m love altras. I bought their trail shoes and was able to wear them right away on a trail hike, no break in needed. I have wide feet with bunions…

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