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Altra Running sneakers:

I’ll backtrack to a couple of weekends ago when Mr. SOTSS and I took a trip to Road Runner Sports so he could buy a new pair of running sneakers. I have been so curious about Altra Running brand sneakers with both their foot shaped toe box and zero drop. With my toe injury I’ve found that the more space my toes have the better it feels. I normally go for sneaker brands that run wider (Asics are my favorite) and sometimes buy a wide width because of my wide forefoot but these are created to be not just wider but also more closely aligned with how the foot is shaped. And with my string of injuries over the years I also was intrigued by the zero drop theory of a softer stride. So I bought a pair (I bought the Altra Escalante) and have been wearing them for walking only the last 2 weeks.


Altra Running Escalante sneakers and a cute dog to enhance the photo 🙂

I LOVE THEM! I felt a little calf soreness the first day or two as my body adjusted but boy oh boy I love them so. I wear them almost daily now and can’t wait to try running in them. The only thing I hate is the laces. They just can’t stay tied….even double knots fall out! Geez. But hey, small price to pay and easily fixable.

Yoga classes 4 and 5:

I went to my 4th yoga class on Saturday and was so proud to hold a crow pose for a few seconds at least.

yoga pose or doga pose

Asked Duncan if he wanted to take a quick selfie before I headed out to yoga and this was the outcome. He doesn’t always follow direction.

And then last night I went again. With each class I’m feeling more and more comfortable with the poses. I still struggle with squaring my hips and aligning my knees, flexing my feet and so many of the things that you just don’t automatically remember but it’s been a real eye hip opener for sure! And my tight hips are loving the attention. On the way home from yoga I had the bright idea to try running again. I felt nice and warmed up and it was a gorgeous evening weather-wise.

recovering runner

Pure happiness and optimisim after this mile and a half

I went 1 1/2 miles and even a little bit faster than my last attempt last week. But the biggest improvement was how I felt afterward. I didn’t feel the need to limp at all. Slow and steady….unfortunately the Brooklyn Half this Saturday is looking more and more confirmed to be a DNS. But my silver lining? I signed up for the Spring Lake 5 miler the weekend after and that actually seems like it will be doable!!!! Hoping I can salvage at least one of my 4 spring races.

So that’s my update.

What’s your update?

Tell me 3 things going on with you.

Ever tried a zero drop shoe like Altra


  1. Yes, I love the zero drop shoes. However, I find with higher mileage (>10k) the bottom of my feet get sore. But love them for short speedy runs! A friend of mine has a pair of the Altra’s and loves them. She thinks I would like them also since I like running barefoot on the beach. Glad to see you’re back to running. I’m still working on getting back to it. Still recovering from my back pain. I’ve been doing a lot of walking, did a couple of Galloway runs, and have been hitting to the gym. I’m moving in the right direction and have learned to take it slow for a real recovery. Past injuries I went back too fast and just never felt like I recovered completely.
    Love your blog!

    • Interesting! I’ll see how it goes when i run in the Altras…oh yes…learning to take it slow for real recovery…that’s so important. I’m learning that too. Hope the back improves a little more this week.

  2. I just “DNS’d” a half marathon last weekend and am 99% sure that I will also DNS my second one scheduled for June. I’ve had some minor aches and pains but mostly my problems are mental – suddenly running higher mileage feels like a huge drag and I find myself dreading anything over 5 miles. Usually I take the winter more or less off but this year after my fall marathon I just kept on running, and I think my mind and body have had enough! It’s such a hard, strange thing to feel since running is usually my bliss, but I’ve decided to just let it go a bit for now and only run when the mood strikes. Yesterday I ran 3 miles with no goal pace or pre-set distance in mind and it felt like such a huge relief. Hopefully I’ll get my mojo back, but for now I think I’m going to cross train more and maybe just take walks! Your posts are inspiring me to possibly give yoga another chance, too ???? Glad to hear that the Altras seem to be a good fit for you, and that you had and successful post-injury run!

    • I’ve been in burnout mode and mentally not into it…that’s why I made such a stink about this year being all about just getting to the finish line and not pressuring myself to run for PRs or time in general….then I end up not even getting to the start lines. LOL. Your comments are always very to the point and never wishy washy so I know you truly are doing what you feel. Keep on running what you feel without a pre-set distance…I’m sure the mojo will return.

  3. Yay for yoga, running and new shoes! I really want to try the Altras. Two more week in my brace and one more injection and then we shall see. Keep us posted on your great work and keep it up!!

  4. Any chance you wear a 9.5? I have two pairs of basically brand new Altras (one road and one trail) that I never wear. I really wanted to like them, but they just don’t work for me.

    Umm three things – I just ordered a new pair of shoes (Saucony Ride 9) because I realized the other day that most of my shoes are totally worn out. I really need to do some yoga again, I’ve been bad about it lately. Aaaaand we might be getting another dog! It’s still in debates, but we are almost definitely taking Buddy and Scout to go meet him this weekend. His name is Batman! 🙂

    • Shoot I’m an 8 8.5 ish so 9.5 would be too big.
      Batman! OMG! Hope the introduction goes well. I can’t even imagine 3 dogs. I guess that would force me to be less obsessed with Duncan if I had 2 others to love on. Ha.

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