First, you have to go see this clip from yesterday’s Love Run yesterday. Two men helped a woman who was struggling to get her to the finish!


I might have had just about every emotion this weekend but as I write this I’m ok. I’ve got a doctor appointment with my primary care tomorrow and a specialist foot dr appt scheduled for Wednesday so I’ll know what this bizarre toe injury is soon enough.

I’ve had many running injuries over the past 10 years. And I’ve had other ailments that kept me from running including laproscopic surgery. But this freak toe thing really caught me off guard. I’ve now developed a small nodule that’s bluish in color on the underside of my toe that is exactly where the pain is. It’s like a pea under the skin. And i’m guessing it’s pressing on a nerve.

Sorry. Hope you're not squeamish about seeing feet. LOL! But here's the little pea size lump.

Sorry. Hope you’re not squeamish about seeing feet. LOL! But here’s the little pea size lump.

Anyhoo Duncan and Mr. SOTSS did what they could to keep my spirits up this weekend.

Always cheering me up with his stinky breath puppy kisses!

Always cheering me up with his stinky breath puppy kisses!

But today I’m back in that positive space now and the pity party has ended. Mr. SOTSS knew I had to go through my process to get to this point and was pretty patient I must say. He’s not an emotional guy and doesn’t get as wrapped up in things as I do. So it’s hard for him to understand why I torment myself with such emotional responses to running injuries, change of plans, physical pain etc etc. His logical response to most is if you aren’t up to it don’t run it. You’ll see your friends again another day and it’s only money.

The cure to my disappointment....being serenaded. He's learning how to play one of my favorite songs by the band Oasis.

The cure to my disappointment….being serenaded. He’s learning how to play one of my favorite songs by the band Oasis.

In the meantime I’m being lazy. Really lazy. I’m not even trying to figure out a cross-training alternative. I’m sure my “process” will get me there eventually but for now I’m just chilling out.

How was your weekend? Anyone run a race? How did it go? 

Are you a logical type or emotional type? or both?


  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your DNS. Alas, there will be other runs. Just get yourself healthy and figure out what the heck that little pea in your toe is!! Good luck!

  2. Really touching video. They could have sped past trying to finish a minute or two sooner but they were definitely selfless in helping her!

    You did the right thing to sit this one out. Hope you got some answers from the doc!

  3. That video–wow! What a great example of the BEST of the running community! So sorry about your foot/toe! I hope you get some good news when you go to the doctor! I have a race next weekend (the 9th) out of town with my BRF, so I am so looking forward to it! I tend to be emotional, but at work, I TRY to use more logic than emotion (but it doesn’t always work).

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  5. I have a spot identical to that under my toe. What did the dr say?

    • Unfortunately I never got much of a real diagnosis then. After the first doctor didn’t help much and the MRI basically only showed swelling I went to a second foot doctor who insisted that tight calves were probably the culprit. I stretched calves for 30 seconds 3 times a day for a few weeks straight…and slowly over time the toe improved. It was never a quick significant improvement but more of a slow improvement with setbacks along the way. I want to say it was a year before I remember thinking “hey my toe doesn’t hurt”. I also had a relapse last year and got orthotics with a built in metatarsal pad. That podiatrist diagnosed it as Capsulitis and bursitis of sub 2nd metatarsal head/metatarsal phalangeal plantar plate sprain. Again, it was months before the pain was gone. I’m still wearing the orthotics. And for the first time in my life i run in them too. I hate them but if i wear shoes without them for more than a few days my toe aches. I don’t know if i specified this in any of my posts but my 2nd toe is longer than my big toe so the things I pay attention to is wearing a wide toe box shoe (I started walking in Altra Escalante sneakers and bought wide width Brooks Ghost’s for running eventually when i got back to running). Also TONS of icing my foot in the beginning and TONS of calf stretching which i still do. I bought an incline board to get deep stretches.

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