Just like that we’re having a Winter flashback. Here’s the proof:

I don’t even know what to make of this.

Yesterday I took the day off so that I could celebrate Passover with my family. I ran another 4 slow easy miles earlier in the day.

Monday 4 miles

Then it was off to my brother’s house for the main event. After a few prayers and symbolic Passover traditions I ate and drank like I just completed and ultra marathon or something.

Dr Brown's Cream Soda

180 calories! That’s ridiculous. But I splurge once a year for this. So good!

photo 4

Matzah with horseradish and homemade Matzah ball soup

photo 5

The main course dishes were my mom’s traditional Pot Roast (with onion and carrots) recipe and a lemon chicken dish. There was also asparagus and sauteed mushrooms, and a traditional side called Charozet which is basically finely chopped apples and walnuts in wine with sugar and lots of cinnamon. It’s like having oatmeal without the oatmeal. And of course Matzah manages to be included in every course….EVEN DESSERT! My sister in law made a cake inspired by Ina Garten but instead of cookies she dipped pieces of Matzah in dark chocolate and crushed them to form the cookie layers. I paired the delicious cake with some fresh whipped cream, a drizzle of melted chocolate and some fresh fruit. Duncan waited patiently for something to fall to the floor. Then he scored big when a certain someone shared their pot roast with him.

My entire body aches tonight and I am so sleepy I’m worried I’m getting sick. Or maybe my body is rebelling against the 1,569,245 calories I consumed. Either way I’m sort of freaking out. I’m sure it’s partly the taper crazies.

I was overwhelmed with so many posts and articles in regard to the anniversary of the Boston Marathon attacks but secretly viewed almost each shared link and found myself quite emotional at work today. Today on Twitter I read a Tweet from PavementRunner that was exactly something I’ve felt for quite some time. For the last year I have hated that when you Google “Boston Marathon” you get so many horrific images from that day. A beautiful historic tradition has been maimed and marred. And I can’t wait for next Tuesday when hopefully we can all Google Boston Marathon and see awesome photos of triumph and smiles….especially from those who were affected so drastically last year.

twitter conversation

I’m trying not to think about my goals for the NJ Marathon obsessively but that’s about as easy as turning down dessert. Recently, I read this though and it struck a chord…

photo 1

So maybe that’s how I need to think of this. I’m going to strive to reach my potential. I know what I’m capable of. But we’ll just have to see how the day plays out. And this one gave me a good me laugh…

photo 3

Well folks, I’m turning into a pumpkin. Nighty night.


Anyone running the Boston Marathon this year? Spectating? I’ve got a handful of friends who are. One who is returning because she only made it 25 miles last year before being stopped. I am so excited for them all.

Anyone have any delicious Matzah recipes? Totally forgot to tell you about the appetizer my aunt made— stuffed mushrooms….instead of breadcrumbs though she used Matzah! They were delicious


  1. Mother Nature always has to surprise us! I know it’s hard to not set goals but just remember that having fun with your marathon is the most important thing! As long as you do your best I’m sure you’ll be happy 🙂

    In unrelated news I nominated you for the Liebster Award, a fun little blogger to blogger award. Check it out here, http://www.lovetherunning.com/2014/04/liebster-award.html

    • aww thanks so much! my darn blog was down most of the day yesterday thanks to host server issues. Going to check out your link right now. =)

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