I’m thinking that it’s good to classify some workouts as “mental toughness” workouts. You know? Not for the physical aspect but for the mental one.


Been feeling so so today….just in a funky and very judgmental of myself lately. Even though it’s 97 degrees with a “real feel” of 110 I thought a short run might snap me out of it. I ran 1.25 miles to my parents house for mail/newspaper collection duty and then another 1.25 back. There were LOTS of walk breaks. And I think I almost hurled at one point. I got a little off balance stepping off the curb twice and almost got hit by a car when I made an instant decision that if i didn’t get into the shade on the other side of the street that i’d literally die right there on the spot. (Crosswalk? Oh right. If I didn’t have heat stroke I might have made it 100 feet farther and used it)

Let’s just say this idea was stupid. But I actually feel a little bad-ass right now =)


Happy Friday people! I’m off to guzzle 10 gallons of water hydrate.

Question: Anyone running this weekend?



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