I realized there’s no point in going down into that pit until I actually know what I’m dealing with. So today on my lunch break I decided to be proactive and search for articles that pertain to injuries and grief. God I love the Internet! Look at this great article.

And tonight I was reminded that other things make me just as happy as running:

We all know I experienced some major grief after my husband died (and frankly I think it sort of complicates all losses in my life hence me being a drama queen over this foot ailment), so if I could get through that, surely I could get through a few missed races.

So I thought I’d take a positive spin on this all and present to you a list:

10 things I love to do other than running

1. Hang with my dog

good morning

good morning

2. Eat sweets


3. Enjoy a sunset

Sunset and a doodle

Sunset and a doodle

4. Take pictures


5. Wear a Tiara


6. Laugh so hard that I cry


7. Drink wine


8. Stop and smell the roses carnations


9. Drink Coffee


10. Hug a friend


Question:Tell me what 10 things you would still enjoy doing if you couldn’t run.



  1. Sorry you are injured! Never fun. I love all those ideas (coffee + wine are my faves!).
    When I can’t workout, I spend my extra time baking, working on my art or watching documentaries!
    Be well.

  2. I agree with you on many of the things on your list! I love to eat sweets (hence, the running), enjoy sunsets, drink coffee (only on the weekends, though), laugh, and hug a friend, too. I would add reading books(I especially like re-reading favorites), playing Lego Batman or Marvel Heroes on PS3 with my 8-year-old son, going for a walk/hike at the park, watching House Hunters, and napping to my list!

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