Hey there internet friends. How goes it? Last week was my first week back at freelance life full-time.

I had a great week. I managed to work enough hours to earn what I need to earn weekly (1 down and 51 more to go for a successful year!), got lots of stuff done around the house and also fit in a few short runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Freelance life

Freelance life! Duncan spent every morning from 9am-noon in this position while I worked.

Running in the heat on Tuesday

Running in the heat on Tuesday

Running in the heat on Thursday

Running in the heat on Thursday

Running in the heat on Friday

Running in the heat on Friday while waiting for my hats to dry

Weekend of Sailing

Friday evening I drove out to Long Island with Mr. SOTSS and his girls for a weekend of sailing with his dad and his dad’s wife. We went last year over Memorial Day Weekend and it was a bit cooler.

This guy! He keeps me on course and anchored.

This guy! He keeps me on course and anchored.

We had so much fun and really enjoyed the breeze while at sea.

Me and Mr. SOTSS' daughters just hanging

Me and Mr. SOTSS’ daughters just hanging.

We traveled across the Long Island Sound to Connecticut. It took about 3 1/2 hours. We stayed overnight and slept on the boat and then traveled back the next day. There’s no better way to relax than sitting on a boat at sea. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Not to mention I enjoyed the quality time spent with Mr. SOTSS and his family. I love his girls so much. They’re adorable, funny and we have so much fun playing games and being silly. Oh, and his oldest has been teaching me how to swim properly! We worked on me just going underwater without holding my nose. Arms and leg kicks will come next. I was the official hair braider. French braids for his oldest, a pair of pigtail braids for his youngest and a single side braid for me 🙂

IMG_4693 IMG_4643

I didn’t run all weekend but got back to it yesterday with a run/walk. It was in the upper 90s and I figured I’d just take it easy. No sense pushing myself during my non-training season right?IMG_4648

I saw the tallest sunflower in the front yard of a house I ran past. IMG_4645

Then, last night there was a wicked thunderstorm. It blew through quickly but took out my power for about 5 hours but it also left a rainbow! IMG_4695

While I waited for power to be restored I had a few bowls of cereal. Didn’t want the milk to spoil 🙂IMG_4702

Working hard to restore power

Working hard to restore power

This morning I took Duncan to the park for a walk knowing we’re in for another super hot day.

IMG_4720And now I’m going to take care of a few freelance assignments.

How was your week? weekend? Tell me 3 good things.


  1. Fun weekend, SOTSS! Best wishes on your freelancing.

    3 Good Things:
    1. My favorite sushi restaurant re-opened and I got sushi with a friend on Friday.
    2. NAILED Saturday’s pace run
    3. My new compression socks arrived in the mail

    Have a great week!

    • 1. Woo hoo! Favorite sushi places are critical.
      2. Congrats on your pace run.
      3. Love a good running gear delivery

      Have a great week too!

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