I’m so giddy that October will be here next week! My birthday is in October. I LOVE this time of year. The leaves are starting to change colors and Saturday I went apple picking. It was actually in the 80s which is a little too warm for this time of year but I know the cool crisp nights are just days away.

Let me back track to Friday though. I went for my first post-Ragnar run! 4.3 miles sporting my finisher’s t-shirt. Nice and easy and how lovely to not have to shove myself into a van afterward =)


I spent the rest of the day cleaning and doing laundry, running a few errands, doing some freelance work and dog sitting my boyfriend’s dog. Duncan is such a good boy he shared his bed with our guest.

10710917_10204772943225115_3385158666095073276_nAlthough after Chester went home he made sure to reclaim the couch

not sharing today

not sharing today…mine! all mine!

Saturday I went apple picking with my sis-in-law, niece and her best friend. Aside from the bees that were all over the place we had fun and I picked out a cute little pumpkin for my front stoop and a matching one for the BF’s house.

photo 2

My niece is such a ham sandwich

photo 5

that’s roasted corn with chipotle lime mayo in the bottom left. YUM!

photo 3

We went out to dinner afterward in my brother’s new convertible!

just before we started driving. trust me....the hair was out of control after this pic

just before we started driving. trust me….the hair was out of control after this pic

And yesterday was my cross-training day in the form of a super hard 2.5 hour, almost 5 mile pack hike.


Chester and Duncan getting ready to start the hike. Leashes off in 3-2-1…


the leaves are starting to change color!


This little silky terrier was awesome. She hiked with the big dogs


Duncan Doodle

IMG_9704 2

Molly, Duncan and Arsie (Arsie is a labradoodle too!)


Chester and a stunning view


The pups were tuckered out afterward.


The bottom of my right foot hurts today. I’m icing it right as I type this post. I’m sure it’ll be fine in a day or two. Probably just bruised it on a rock. This hike was REALLY arduous and what a climb? I love hiking for cross training. It strengthens muscles I didn’t know I had. My balance has improved so much too. #winning

I’ll try and get Part 2 of my Ragnar Recap up this week. And I’m hoping to get a 10 mile run in as well.

Have a great week everyone! Got anything fun happening?

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