I had a nice change of scenery, AND routine today. The weather forecast called for our first snow of the season so I decided to work from home to avoid dealing with the bus later in the day. Our office was only open until 1pm anyway. But instead of working from MY home I drove to my brother’s house early this morning and spent the day here. It just made sense since they are hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow so I’ll just sleep here.

My view from the "office" today

My view from the “office” today

It was Forest's first snow!

It was Forest’s first snow!

Since it was our first snow of the season I could focus on how beautiful everything looked in a blanket of white. Ask me how I feel about snow at the end of February and I’ll probably tell you I’m sick of it!

The dogs (Duncan and his cousin) loved it too!


doodle butts!

doodle butts!



I spent a few hours working. And then I took advantage of my brother’s lovely finished basement with an elliptical just waiting for me to hop on!



cat dog nap

cat dog nap

I busted out a solid 30 minutes and my trusty sidekick sat on the beanbag chair to my right. Such a loyal doodle.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out bright and early to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from my office. I have never taken advantage of this perk before but our office is moving in March so this was the last year I’d have the opportunity and I figured I should check it out.

Well Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful readers. Have a great day with family, friends and loved ones.

And don’t forget, take the meal like a marathon. Don’t start out too fast! You’ve got to get to dessert before you hit the “wall”! =)

Who’s hosting? Who’s just going to be a guest? Are you cooking at all?


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