So I really wanted to title this post My Body Failed Me but I know that it gave me signs and I guess I just needed to hear them better.

I ran 5 miles today and with every step I felt that annoying pain up the outside of my calf and almost behind my knee and even mild pain on the outside of my foot where the tendonitis originated as I crossed the finish line of the NJ Marathon almost 3 months ago. (Seriously….I feel like a broken record and I must be boring y’all with this constant injury mumbo jumbo)

This photo brought to you by the color Turquoise and the dog breed Labradoodle

This photo brought to you by the color turquoise and the dog breed Labradoodle

Anyway, I still managed to enjoy the run despite the pain and just started to think about how I got here and how I plan to move forward in the healing process. First thing on the agenda when I return from San Francisco is finding a new primary care doc who specializes in sports medicine =) I’m thinking of adding acupuncture to the mix and perhaps another hiatus from running as well. In September I need to be 100% healthy because I’ve got lots of stuff planned for the fall Including Ragnar Napa and 3 half marathons. I pray that the 4 weeks of August are all I need to banish this tendonitis once and for all.

After the run Duncan and I picked up my friend Lisa for a 3 mile walk down by the beach. Poor Doodle had to ride in the back seat. Not his style. He prefers shot-gun. But he’s a gentleman and let Lisa ride up front =)

photo 1

photo 2

apparently there was a sand castle building event the day before….

photo 3

Oh, and yesterday I officially kicked off my car shopping experience by test driving a couple of vehicles…

10537886_10204262090854125_8444971321129783332_nI’m leaning toward the Subaru Forester…

Do you have a car? What kind? Do you love it?





  1. Boo tendonitis! =( Wishing you a quick recovery!!

    And yes, I have a vehicle, but no, you wouldn’t love it. 😉 Everyone I know who’s gone to the Forester LOVES it.

  2. I have struggled with tendonitis before and it sucks! I still have to be careful years later so it won’t act up again.
    I have a Honda Civic and really like it! I was aiming for a Subaru Impreza, though.

  3. It’s a good thing you listened to your bodym I admire your strength in pushing past the pain!

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