Happy Monday!


November 6th marked 4 years to the day that I ran my first full marathon. I can’t ever forget the date mainly because it’s printed on the sleeve of the finisher’s jacket I bought at the expo =)

I still remember everything about that day. The good, the bad and the ugly =)

I still remember everything about that day. The good, the bad and the ugly =)

And November 7th marked 17 years to the day that I was married.

The words are part of the "Indian Prayer" that was given by the officiant.

The words are part of the “Indian Prayer” that was given by the officiant. Ironically his days on this earth were not long. But he’s always with me.

While we didn’t make it to anniversay #1 thanks to cancer taking him just 5 months after we got married I still treasure the date and have it etched in my heart forever. I am who I am today because of him and because of my experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 


Weekend Fun:

So this weekend was my weekend with Mr. SOTSS. I had tons of work to do so I stayed home Friday night and all day Saturday to get it done and he enjoyed the time to clean out his gutters and work on his bathroom renovation. I did get Duncan to the park for a bit and then he went to the groomer. 


My glorious local favorite park


just before going to the groomer. I love his shag and would keep it long if it were easier to maintain.

I headed over to Mr. SOTSS’ house for dinner Saturday night and then we went to see the movie Burnt with Bradley Cooper. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money or your time. It wasn’t good 🙁 but the Reese’s Pieces, reclining seats and company were all perfect. 

Date night!

Date night!

Yesterday morning we met the dog hiking group for a nice 2 hour hike in a beautiful park in nj. After the organized hike ended we walked around for another 40 minutes to take in more of the beautiful leaves and fresh air. It was just about 50 degrees and sunny. 


I was struggling on some rock scrambles and worked up a good sweat trying not to fall. Leaves can disguise a lot.


My guy and his boy


Seriously! The cutest doodle in the world…..that’s his pal Chester behind him


Just horsing around =)

Duncan and Boone

Duncan and Boone



I have been a little overwhelmed lately with all of my work commitments and getting away from my laptop and spending some quality time with my guy and the pups was just what I needed. We hit up the local apple farms cider mill for a fresh baked cider donut and then met some of the hiking group for lunch.


they were so fresh that they were still warm!

After some more work on my end and house cleaning/football game watching for mr S we went grocery shopping together and then cooked meals for ourselves for the week.

This is how I work. And this is how the dogs relax after a good hike.

This is how I work. And this is how the dogs relax after a good hike.

And then it was late and I had to go home and I pouted and sulked knowing I had a busy week of work ahead of me and that I wouldn’t see him again until Sunday. It’s hard to leave the one you love even for just a few days. I guess if we lived together I might be saying the opposite though. Lol.

Thank god for the hike because I have been fairly lazy since the marathon a week ago. I need to get through some more busy weeks at work but will slowly figure out a new exercise regimen by thanksgiving. I’m not happy about being a sloth buy it is what it is and I need to just be gentle with myself until I feel more adjusted to all these work commitments.

Runkeeper reminding me i've done nothing since the marathon

Runkeeper reminding me i’ve done nothing since the marathon

Well at least I know I’ll be slowly running two 5ks right after thanksgiving. Both are charity fundraisers. And definitely more hikes. This guy says more hikes. 

more hikes!

more hikes!

Have a great week! 

What’s new with you?

Who is already planning for Thanksgiving? Christmas? 2016?


  1. your dog was made for fall photography! such a pretty puppy. After a marathon Im pretty sure you earn the right to be lazy, your body needs the rest afterall!

  2. I need to track down some cider doughnuts! We somehow didn’t get ANY last year, which is unacceptable.

    I’m on the lookout for a turkey trot near me for Thanksgiving this year, that’s as far as my “planning” goes!

    • A year without cider donuts is unacceptable for sure. You’ll have to make up for it next fall with 2 dozen =) Well the season has only really begun….you’ve got time =)

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