Holy freakout!

Yesterday afternoon I went out for a li’l 2.5 mile run.

photo 1

I cannot believe the aches and pains that I felt EVERYWHERE! I’m sure it’s mental and just nerves as we’re just days out from the NYC Marathon. First it was my upper quad/groin pain that actually left me altering my gait. (it’s been a mild pain on and off since June but rarely presents itself on anything less than 10 miles.) Then, my metatarsal bone under my middle toe on my left foot started to hurt. Um, really? That hasn’t bothered me since 1999! My left arm is really sore too. I think I lifted a heavy box over the weekend that tweaked it. I wanted this run to feel like the last 2.5 miles of the marathon in my mind. I even started at 3:30pm so I’d be done right around the time I’d be finishing. So I guess it makes sense that i’d be so full of aches and pains 23.7 miles into a marathon right? LOL!

Luckily I had evening plans to distract me. I went to see my friend’s band The Infinite Staircase play at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey. What a great night! I’ve told you guys about his band and his amazing music before. I’m putting ALL the songs on my playlist for the marathon. Go take a listen to their new album No Amends.

I’ll be posting some details of how to track me for the NYC Marathon later in the week. I have no more running planned until Sunday unless I feel like taking an easy run the day before. We’ll see. Hopefully I don’t have too much “small stuff” to deal with.


Question: How do you deal with nerves? Any favorite music you want to share?


  1. Hahaha! I found your blog from a comment you posted on skinmyrunner’s and I just couldn’t stop laughing! I’m flying tonight to NYC for the marathon and feel exactly the same!!! The aches everywhere!!! I had to visit my physiotherapist, I have a metatarsal pain in my left foot….hope it goes away by Sunday…
    Good luck!

    • I learned the hard way in 2011! LoL! Have a safe flight. Enjoy your time in NYC but remember that the city is a concrete jungle and can make your legs tired. Try not to overdo it =)
      Good luck!!!

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