Sparkle: Friday evening I attended the Louie’s Legacy Blue Gala. It’s a fundraising event for a local animal rescue. I sat with the Whiskers and Leo Pet Care folks. (I became close friends with the Nicole, the owner when Duncan and I first started using their dog walking services back in 2009 and also Duncan’s dog walker Pam has become such a close friend too.) It was a fun night! Everyone wore blue. This was my third time wearing my sparkly blue Ralph Lauren dress (which was a steal at $79 at Marshalls earlier this year)…

I got to wear it to my niece’s bat mitzvah in May


13 years old to the left and 40 to the right but we both look twentysomething =)

and then to a wedding in June.


But I love it so much and since it’s blue I wore it again for the Gala.


doodle photo bomb.


Nicole and me!

Pam, Nicole and me: a.k.a. Duncan's favorite women!

Pam, Nicole and me: a.k.a. Duncan’s favorite women!

The Whiskers and Leo gang

The Whiskers and Leo gang

Sweat: Saturday morning I decided to sweat out the small stuff vodka and tonic and go for a run. Just a nice easy 3 miles.

photo 1Unfortunately my groin strain was starting to bother me toward the end (the hamstring pain is gone though!). I really thought 12 days without running would have been enough but it looks like I better give it some more time. In addition to foam rolling and stretching I’m going to hit the gym for some cross training with the rowing machine on Tuesday and not sure what to do Thursday since it’s Thanksgiving. We all know it’s important to make room for the feast by exercising. If I can’t run I’ll see if the gym is open early at least and if all else fails maybe just a long walk? I wish I had a rowing machine in my house. I wish it could be attached to my sofa. Hmmm…..Invention idea? Oh yeah, and I’m officially registered for my first half marathon of 2014. I’ll be running the NYC Half Marathon on March 16th.


Sweet Sticky Situation: I had a little party to go to last night and opted to make a fruit salad to bring. I bought all the fruit at BJ’s Wholesale Club. This was the first time in my adult life that I bought a whole pineapple! Crazy right? Good thing they give instructions to show how to cut it. The Mangos came with instructions too (although I already knew how to cut those). Admittedly, even with the instructions I don’t think I cut the pineapple correctly. But it worked out. By the time I was done cutting the entire pineapple, half a watermelon and 3 mangos plus 2 pints of strawberries the entire kitchen was a sticky mess. I’m starting to see why Edible Arrangements are expensive. =) The fruit, however was so deliciously sweet! Redemption!

photo 2This morning I’m relaxing and recovering from my 2 late nights. I thought it was best to start with a nice breakfast. Say hello to my eggs, avocado, tomato, spinach and english muffin (oops muffin didn’t make the picture). (I put salt and pepper on half the eggs and gave most of the non-seasoned portion to the dog because he needs another reason to love me more. LOL. Oh and that water bottle is my watermelon infused water that I made with the leftover juice after cutting up the watermelon for the fruit salad. It’s delicious!

photo 3

doodle photo bomb again

I’ve got some odds and ends to catch up with this morning. I’m cleaning out my closets (well, starting this task which will probably take until the end of the year to complete.) I did a top secret photo shoot yesterday and need to edit the pics. I’ll share some of the photos in about a month 😉

Question: Are you a pack rat or do you toss everything? Do you have an easy time parting with clothes when you clean out your closets or do you have a hard time letting go? I’m a pack rat who hates to part with my clothes. 

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