I won’t dump because this blog isn’t about that. Let’s just say today was craptastic in the crappiest of crappy (we’re talking New York City Marathon 50,000 runners used a porta-potty crappy (That actually just made me giggle). And how dumb I felt tonight when I posted on Facebook about feeling defeated and I get words of encouragement from one friend who’s battling ovarian cancer and another who’d dad was shot and killed this year and found out today the gunman pleaded not guilty. Yeah, my crap isn’t really that crappy.

When I came home from work, there was a package at my door. It was the running ornaments (I mentioned in this post) that I ordered for my tree.

photo 3

The sneakers are a little Richard Simmons looking but it’s a cute lil’ ornament. And it gets the point across no?

photo 4

This cracks me up. I’ll have to try and re-create the look one day.

So there was the glimmer. And I had a good laugh too watching Duncan shred the paper that the gifts were wrapped in. He even had a couple of pieces stuck to his mouth.

photo 1

He goes from playing in white stuff outside to playing with white stuff inside.

photo 2


I’m working on a new section for the blog for 2014 that will have a collection of “Running 101” type posts. I’ll give some tips for outdoor running topics like running surfaces, safety, how to dress for the weather, fueling tips, stretches to help common runner ailments and other things like that. If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like me to feature just leave in the comments below. I’m also planning on a section that will be filled with inspirational mantras for both running and life in general. And I’ll be updating my races page as I’ve already got a handful of 2014 races on the agenda.

Well it’s after midnight….I better catch a few winks. Night all!


  1. Thank you Sally … Some days are worse than others but you are so right when you start putting things in perspective that little things mean nothing compared to someone fighting an illness . Today I was feeling a little blue but after ready your blog . I’m feel a little better

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