I mentioned the other day that since I’m trying to get all these (running related) kinks to finally disappear before I go full speed ahead into marathon training this January that I was going to keep my mileage light through the end of the year. So I just keep opting for 3 mile runs. And guess what? I really like this distance. Maybe I should abandon distance running and just run 5ks? OK I’m being dramatic. But seriously, I can run 3 miles any day of the week.

This morning, at 6am, it was freezing and windy. I think my weather app said Real Feel: 12°. It was still dark and I wasn’t feeling too hot so I opted to snooze and decided to just pack a gym bag. I’d hit up the dread-mill on my lunch break. Well, that’s exactly what I did and I’m so happy with that decision:

New York Sports Club Tuesday 5k

New York Sports Club Tuesday 5k

I rocked sub 9 minute miles! Did I mention I’m loving these 3 mile runs?!!!! I especially love that my knee doesn’t bother me at all for these short runs.

I’ve been enjoying some pretty colors of the Empire State Building the last few nights while I freeze my butt off at the bus stop.

Purple for the March of Dimes

Purple for the March of Dimes

Turquoise for the Alzheimer's Foundation

Turquoise for the Alzheimer’s Foundation

And speaking of pretty colors, I got a mani/pedi on Sunday and opted for this pale pinkish, lavenderish, silverish, nudish color.

twinkle toes and fingers and paws

twinkle toes and fingers and paws

I’m going to make it a point to try not to get all Bah Humbug on everyone this year as the holidays (and the tourists) arrive in NYC. The department store windows will start being revealed in the next week and then there’s the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which I’m actually going to participate in this year. My office building is along the route so we have the option to get passes into the building to watch the parade from our suite which is on the 8th floor (EYE LEVEL with the balloons!). And then the Rockafeller Center tree gets lit and traffic snarls will become a daily nightmare. Oops, I did say I was going to try NOT to get all Bah Humbug. I am so lucky to live in New York City…..but sometimes I just wish I wasn’t here. 8 million people…

Well, enough of that tangent. It’s late and I’ve got unglamorous things to do like laundry and packing my lunch for tomorrow.

So tell me. Is it cold where you are? Do you like the holidays or do you want to just hit the fast forward button and get to January 2nd?



  1. My hamstring has been bothering me lately so shorter distances are best for me too. It’s really cold here in Idaho so I am forced to not stay out as long too. Running when it is 2 degrees is a little cold! This morning it is actually a warm 16! Holidays get me a little Ba Humbug. I dislike the rush of everyone and the crowds! However, our crowds are nothing like you have!

  2. OMG New York City tourists drive me crazy!!! I kind of miss the days when people were afraid of New York.3 miles is my go to distance during the week all of the time because I don’t have time for more but I really don’t like them because I feel so sluggish for the first two. I don’t have a treadmill. I need to get one

    • That is true about 3 milers….it takes time to warm up. I have an inexpensive gym membership just so i have access to the ‘mill every now and again.

  3. Wasn’t bad this morning in Minneapolis, a 16 degree run, but it was quite windy. Still, it doesn’t stop me and I run outdoors year round here! I LOVE the holidays, I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas but I always wait until after Thanksgiving.

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