2017 Spring Lake 5 recap

Hi! I had a super busy weekend so I’m just getting a chance to recap my morning at the 2017 Spring Lake 5 miler in Spring Lake, NJ. I spectated this race in 2014 and 2015 and then ran it last year.IMG_0135

Let me just say that after having to DNS 3 races since March I was so happy to finally get to a start line, see my running friends and just feel like my normal “running-life” self.

I was on the road at 6:30am to make my way down to Spring Lake which is about 40 minutes south of Mr. SOTSS’s house.The race doesn’t start until 8:30 but I always try and park by 7:15 since they start to close roads and street parking fills up quickly. Plus, even though they mail you your race bib, you still need to pick up your t-shirt and souvenir glass.

2017 Spring Lake 5

Ready to run

I met up with Lisa and Bill and we walked toward the start area to get our goodies and then drop them back at the car before heading back and meeting up with Jane and Keri and another of their running group friends.

Photo: @Kmandell14

Photo: @Kmandell14

It felt great to finally see Jane because I was supposed to run the Philly Love Run half marathon with her back in March just shortly after she announced her pregnancy but we all know that my injury forced me to miss the race and subsequently miss meeting the baby (bump). Jane is a rockstar momma to be and has already completed a half, 10 miler and now a 5 miler.

The race starts and finishes by the beach and with the weather being absolutely gorgeous we couldn’t resist taking some pics on the sand.

She's only got 9 more weeks until she meets her little one.

She’s only got 9 more weeks until she meets her little one.

Keri just recently opened a yoga studio so I asked her to suggest to me some ways to work toward accomplishing some poses. She blogs over at Yogaswole. She’s an avid runner as well.

I also got to see my friend Elvia who I haven’t seen in a while too! She’s been running Spring Lake for so many years.

With Lisa still working through some hip issues and my toe still being on the mend the plan was to just take it easy and that we did. We kept a pace between 11:00 and 11:30 per mile. Jane and Keri went up ahead and I didn’t think I’d see them again until after the race since, even at 7 months pregnant Jane is faster than me 🙂 But about 4 miles in I saw Keri standing outside a port-a-potty waiting for Jane. Yassss!!!!! This meant that we could all possibly finish the race together!

Somewhere in the last mile.

Somewhere in the last mile. So freakin happy to be doing what I love.

an opportunity to cool off

an opportunity to cool off

Running through the main drag

Running through the main drag

Best feeling to be running again!

Best feeling to be running again!

Keri, Jane and Me crossing the finish (thanks Lisa for the photo)

Keri, Jane and me crossing the finish (thanks Lisa for the photo)

After crossing the finish line I grabbed the most refreshing orange slice…IMG_0130

And then it was off to breakfast because let’s face it….I was way overdue for a post-race breakfast and it didn’t dissappoint! French toast, eggs and bacon.


This race is really an enjoyable one. It’s a great way to kick off the unofficial start to summer.

The day after the race my toe was a bit angry but with each passing day felt better and better. I’m not sure how my running schedule will look for the next month or two but I do know I’ll be continuing with yoga and hopefully getting to run at least once a week as I keep getting closer and closer to feeling 100 percent.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had a good race – make sure that toe heals!
    Amazing that your friend did so well at 7 months pregnant!!
    That post race breakfast looks delicious 😛

    Coffee & Avocados

  2. Such awesome news! I love the huge smile on your face. I can’t wait to get back to running again! Keep it up, girl.

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