It’s 11pm here on the East Coast and I’ve got to be up in 4 hours. Catching a flight to the Left Coast in the morning. Vacation: here I come! Starting off in San Francisco! By the weekend there will be an iconic shot of me running over the Golden Gate Bridge.

placeholder picture

placeholder picture

Of course I better make sure my running outfit doesn’t clash. Oooh right! There’s my tidbit for you…when running while traveling, make sure your running outfit matches the scenery for the most epic photo momento ever!

I’ll try and post a bit while i’m gone. In the meantime see if this picture makes you feel as guilty as I do. This dog is a ham sandwich and a half!

A dog's final plea: don't go on vacation! Please!

A dog’s final plea: don’t go on vacation! Please!

Question: Have you been on vacation recently? Or do you have one planned? Will there be running involved?