Hi there.

Happy Thursday. Yesterday was a hot day but I spent the bulk of it indoors in a super cold air-conditioned office building. I’ve been freelancing at Scholastic Inc. (the children’s publishing company) and yesterday it just so happened the folders that my work assignments for the day were in made a rainbow!

Catch the rainbow!

Catch the rainbow!

When I got home from work, I walked the dog, took care of some chores and then a little after 8pm I set out for my run.

92 degrees at night!

92 degrees at night!

I didn’t bring music with me (for safety reasons I don’t wear earbuds when I run in the dark) but I couldn’t get that song Shut Up and Dance, by Walk the Moon out of my head. I guess it was a perfect selection to be stuck in my head as I had a lovely moon to keep me company.


Something wonderfully appealing about running on a hot summer night. I even love how my sneaker reflectiveness shimmers.

It's like sneaker bling without the bling just the shine.

It’s like sneaker bling without the bling just the shine.

I figured with no sun I didn’t need my hat or sunglasses. I sort of felt naked.

Head streaking!

Head streaking!

Oh and the highlight of my run was this freshly paved street! So soft and cushy.

IMG_7172Next run will be my long run that I’m pushing up to tomorrow. I’ll be going away this weekend and not sure I’ll have the time to get it in then. Luckily it’s only 7 miles as it’s my first drop back week.

Hope you all have a great day.

What’s your favorite happy running surprise? freshly paved street? Water fountain? New trail discovery?
Would you rather run in the heat or the cold? Day or Night?


This weekend my running took a front seat for a change. Saturday I went to the first New York Road Runner’s Open Run held on Staten Island. The goal is to utilize the NYC parks more. They plan on holding this event (it’s a 5k but yesterday’s course was a little shy and they will be adjusting for next week) every Saturday. I almost didn’t get out the door because someone was holding my foot hostage.

IMG_7112Eventually he let go though and shortly after I arrived I bumped into an old friend I knew from when I brought Duncan to the dog park on a regular basis back in the day. He’s a school track coach. As a matter of fact he introduced me to KT tape and some great calf stretches too. I was training for my first marathon back in 2011 and I remember all the conversations we had about running. As with most friends from the dog park I only remember the dogs’ names. LOL! His boxers were named Nike, Swoosh and JD (for Just Do It.) See a theme?!

Anyway we chatted the entire (almost) 3 miles and I was excited to see I finished with a sub 10 min pace. YAY!


Yesterday I went to the beach to run 9 miles. It was hot and I tanked the second half of the run. With all my walk breaks came lots of pictures…

Made me wish I was a boat...

Made me wish I was a boat…

mile 2

mile 2

these flowers make me happy

these flowers make me happy

FullSizeRender 8

I picked the most not scenic spot for a selfie....next to the bathrooms. LOL

I picked the most not scenic spot for a selfie….next to the bathrooms. LOL

The day I can take a non-blurry shot with the self timer...

Just beachy

there was a classic car show happening in the beach parking lot

there was a classic car show happening in the beach parking lot

There was a great breeze that I enjoyed for miles 1 and 2 and 5 and 6. But the other miles my back was to the breeze. Oh well. Can’t have it all right? =)

I spent Saturday evening with my sister-in-law while my brother and nephew went to a rock concert (and my niece is still in Costa Rica). We had dinner and then went out for fro-yo. Then we walked the dogs around the neighborhood and then spent some time enjoying the lovely summer night on her patio sipping spiked lemonade.

I controlled myself with just one cookie.

I controlled myself with just one cookie.


so relaxing!


Doodle sniffing

I managed to spend a lot of time on the couch too which I think I really needed. Last weekend was go.go.go and it was nice to catch a breather.

Well, here’s to a lovely week people. Happy Monday!

One last thing! I’m excited to announce the winner of the Pro Compression Giveaway is Becky from OK so here’s the plan. She’s training for her first full marathon this fall and she has an adorable dog as well. Congrats Becky!

What did you do this weekend?

Happy Friday!

First let me say I’m loving your fun fact comments. To anyone who hasn’t entered/commented on my previous post and Pro Compression giveaway, go do it now!

So, 100 days until the NYC Marathon. Actually that’s really a lot of time and I’m glad because I’m nowhere near ready. My weekly mileage is only at 10-15 miles per week. It’ll go up to about 40 miles in my highest mileage week before the taper.

Wednesday morning I tried to get a run in before work. The weather was perfect but I didn’t give myself much time and to make matters worse my back was screaming and my calves were barking (or maybe the calves were screaming and the back was barking =) I just couldn’t get my legs to move…but I managed to shuffle through 2 miles and at least mentally I felt like I can start getting back into a routine of running before work. I’m not a morning person and I hate giving up any time with my dog before work. He’s got me wrapped around his little furry paw for sure.

almost 6 months later and I can finally support myself on my elbows

almost 6 months later and I can finally support myself on my elbows

The exciting thing about yesterday was realizing my rotator cuff has healed enough that I can finally support myself on my arms to do a plank and push ups. Woo hoo! I’m basically starting at zero here. Boy has my upper body (which wasn’t too buff to begin with) suffered in the last 6 months.

The weather the last 2 days has been so lovely. Lower humidity and cooler mornings reaching into the 80s during the day. Duncan and I have been loving the beautiful blue skies and cool “Dr. Seuss” clouds.

Those clouds...I see so many Dr. Seuss characters

Those clouds…I see so many Dr. Seuss characters

He's glowing

He’s glowing

Nope, I'm not licking anything mom.

Nope, I’m not licking anything mom.

I was off yesterday so I went for a run late morning. What a difference a day makes. I covered 5 miles and the heavy legs were gone. I was in a nice steady rhythm. I could have run more but I know i’m going to be running both Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_7053I also got my haircut yesterday and have been enjoying running my fingers through my hair since she blew it out straight which is a rare thing in my life.

IMG_7084Today it’s back to work but then other than running and an evening with one of my girl friends I’ve got a really relaxing weekend ahead of me. Maybe I’ll even grab my lounge chair, sit by the beach and read a magazine or something.

Have a great weekend! And I’ll announce the Pro Compression winner on Monday.

Will you be having a relaxing weekend or a wild and crazy one? 

My folks had so much zucchini in their garden so I decided tonight to make a lasagna without noodles.

IMG_7006I sliced the zucchini super thin and sautéed it in a pan with garlic and oil first. I should have read the Internet before that because apparently you’re supposed to salt the zucchini to draw out moisture. My finished product was a little watery but not that bad considering I didn’t use a recipe. I layered the zucchini with ricotta, mozzarella, fresh basil (also from my dad’s garden) marinara sauce, and some bread crumbs. Tasty! I’ll be eating this for lunch the next few days paired with some pasta and meatballs…Bellisimo!


So just a few weeks ago i was the lucky winner of a pair of PRO Compression sleeves from a giveaway on another blog (Thank you Ali On the Run!). I had the choice between socks or sleeves and I chose the sleeves since I already own 3 pairs of socks and wanted to give the sleeves out.
I became a big fan of compression gear when I started running marathons. I use compression socks after running while i’m recovering from those weekly long runs. And with all of the tendon issues I’ve had in my legs I swear that the socks have helped me recover quicker.
I don’t usually wear them for races but last summer I did wear them when I ran the San Francisco Half Marathon.
Think pink!

Think pink! Boy was I sweaty!

me and Lisa after running the San Francisco Half last summer

me and Lisa after running the San Francisco Half last summer

I was just coming back from an ankle injury and my calves were super achy. I think the only reason I don’t wear them more is because I usually wear capris and it looks kinda silly for some reason to have tall socks on.

Anyhoo—I was super stoked when I was asked to do a giveaway on my own blog. YAY! I get the chance to pay it forward.
So here are the details:
  • All you have to do to enter for a chance to win a marathon sock or sleeve of your choice is comment below with a fun fact about yourself.
  • You can comment until 10pm on Friday 7/24. I’ll contact the winner on Monday 7/27. 
  • Also, be sure to follow PRO Compression on Facebook and Twitter.
  • And if you prefer getting info about sales, discounts and other sweet giveaways emailed, you should go here to sign up for their newsletter.
  • Oh, and if you are chomping at the bit to buy yourself some PRO Compression gear ASAP you’ll get 40% off with the discount code PRO15
If you have any questions for me regarding socks, sleeves or even their amazingly comfy leggings which I now own 2 pairs of just let me know.
One little mention…this giveaway is only open to US residents so I apologize to all my loyal non-US readers. 
Have a great day!
Fun fact about you….GO!