Happy Friday!

First let me say I’m loving your fun fact comments. To anyone who hasn’t entered/commented on my previous post and Pro Compression giveaway, go do it now!

So, 100 days until the NYC Marathon. Actually that’s really a lot of time and I’m glad because I’m nowhere near ready. My weekly mileage is only at 10-15 miles per week. It’ll go up to about 40 miles in my highest mileage week before the taper.

Wednesday morning I tried to get a run in before work. The weather was perfect but I didn’t give myself much time and to make matters worse my back was screaming and my calves were barking (or maybe the calves were screaming and the back was barking =) I just couldn’t get my legs to move…but I managed to shuffle through 2 miles and at least mentally I felt like I can start getting back into a routine of running before work. I’m not a morning person and I hate giving up any time with my dog before work. He’s got me wrapped around his little furry paw for sure.

almost 6 months later and I can finally support myself on my elbows

almost 6 months later and I can finally support myself on my elbows

The exciting thing about yesterday was realizing my rotator cuff has healed enough that I can finally support myself on my arms to do a plank and push ups. Woo hoo! I’m basically starting at zero here. Boy has my upper body (which wasn’t too buff to begin with) suffered in the last 6 months.

The weather the last 2 days has been so lovely. Lower humidity and cooler mornings reaching into the 80s during the day. Duncan and I have been loving the beautiful blue skies and cool “Dr. Seuss” clouds.

Those clouds...I see so many Dr. Seuss characters

Those clouds…I see so many Dr. Seuss characters

He's glowing

He’s glowing

Nope, I'm not licking anything mom.

Nope, I’m not licking anything mom.

I was off yesterday so I went for a run late morning. What a difference a day makes. I covered 5 miles and the heavy legs were gone. I was in a nice steady rhythm. I could have run more but I know i’m going to be running both Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_7053I also got my haircut yesterday and have been enjoying running my fingers through my hair since she blew it out straight which is a rare thing in my life.

IMG_7084Today it’s back to work but then other than running and an evening with one of my girl friends I’ve got a really relaxing weekend ahead of me. Maybe I’ll even grab my lounge chair, sit by the beach and read a magazine or something.

Have a great weekend! And I’ll announce the Pro Compression winner on Monday.

Will you be having a relaxing weekend or a wild and crazy one? 


  1. 100 days?!!! Your title is freaking me out. My mileage has been barely 20 a week and sometimes that seems like a struggle. Just feel sluggish overall. Wearing my pro compression socks to work today to kick start my active weekend! 😉

    Love the straight hair btw. You always look good!

  2. That just made me check the countdown to my first full marathon – 78 days! It’s definitely sneaking up on me.

  3. Why is Duncan so perfect!? Oh my gosh that face. He’s so adorable. It’s amazing how you can feel so off one day and then bounce back the next.. that’s the beauty of running I guess!!

    • I just shared your comment with Duncan. He wants you to win the giveaway 🙂 he really is pretty darn adorable and he knows it.

  4. Oh your puppy Duncan is beautiful!

    I am glad your RC has healed. You and I are opposites- I have been focusing on upper body for months due to injury and now I’m trying to get my lower body strong again! We’ll get there!

  5. Your dog is darling! Your post made me check the days until the Chicago Marathon – only 77 days…yikes!

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