I’m almost done with my Jersey Girl Triathalon recap and should have it up later today.

So how’s your week going? I battled a terrible headache yesterday and actually left work early. It’s actually still not gone 🙁 But things could be worse. I’ll live.

I came home from work and laid down on the couch for a bit waiting for the headache to pass. But eventually decided life needed to happen so I sucked it up and took the dog to the woods by my house for a little time to stop and smell the roses everything.

perhaps it should say "paw trail"

perhaps it should say “paw trail”

Then we watched the Country Music Awards and played tug because that’s how we roll.

photo 2


I found out that my insurance authorized more physical therapy visits which is great because I could use them but that means more $50 copays. And then at work we found out our premium for our insurance is going up an additional $50 a month and the coverage itself is not even as robust. Plus specialist copays will be $60 now instead of $50. I must never get injured again!

Anyone have advice for how to get rid of a headache. Even my teeth hurt!


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  1. technically, it is wednesday in NJ =). Usually, I just sleep off my headache. Maybe a epsom salt bath and just an ice pack on the head…or a bag of peas! yes a bag of peas…I think i saw that on an episode of the simpsons once.

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