Well hello there. I’m dusting off the old blogwebs for NYC Marathon Weekend šŸ™‚

Yikes! Two and a half months have passed since I’ve blogged and Summer has turned into Fall.

The leaves have changed colors and are now falling at a rapid pace and I’ve finally dusted off the old blogwebs to post today.

I’m just so giddy and excited that Sunday is the NYC Marathon. Nope, I’m not running it this year (and most likely I might never get the opportunity again) but the energy is palpable and I want to share my enthusiasm for the race with people I know have interest in running.

I’ve been lucky enough to run it 3 timesā€”2011, 2013 and 2015.

NYC Marathon medals

Recap Central:

Here’s a post that has a an overall recap of my all my experiences from 2011-2016 including a link to this post about my 2011 race (reflecting back 3 years later), my 2013 race recap here and 2015 here

You can also read recaps from when I spectated in 2014 and 2016.

I can remember so vividy my emotions at the finish of each race and I know that those experiences are so integral to who I am. I’m never happier than when I can share those experiences with others. And hey, it was the 2011 NYC Marathon that officially made me a marathoner.

My days of running marathons might have ended but my love of running is still strong as ever. I can’t wait to tune in to the race from my sofa on Sunday morning and feel all the feels.

In other news I turned 46 exactly one week ago. Mr SOTSS and I celebrated with a fun little weekend getaway to the North Fork and South Fork of Long Island and Shelter Island. We started on the South Fork driving through the Hamptons and walking along the beach after having a delicious warm 6 ounce chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery.

Happy 46th Birthday to MEEEEEEEE!!!!!

chocolate chip walnut cookie from Levain Bakery

If you know me at all, you know I love sweets but this was extra special because Mr. SOTSS and I have been dieting since Labor Day and were looking forward to splurging all weekend. (I’m down 10 pounds and he’s down about 15 pounds). AND it was my actual birthday so basically it was perfection.

So grateful to have been born in late October. It was a picture perfect fall day and the beach was all ours

Beaches in the off-season are the best

The North Fork is known for its wineries. We went to a couple of them but my favorite one was an all sparkling wine winery calledĀ Sparkling Pointe.

Sparkling Red!

More tripod/remote fun

The views of the vineyard were just stunning. Speaking of views, this was our view from the bed and breakfast we stayed at on Shelter Island…

The best part was the gift Mr. SOTSS gave me. A new tripod for my iPhone and a remote that controls the camera shutter on it. We had fun trying it out (ok, technically I had fun and he tolerated the shenanigans).

The remote even does burst mode!!!!

Happy with my gift. And the tripod too šŸ™‚

Earlier this month I got to run the Staten Island Half Marathon and more importantly see some of my running friends…

Running friends are like mychicken soup for the soul.

And there was a celebratory pizza slice on the train ride back to my car.

And the next day I kayaked wearing my finisher’s shirt.

Kayaking in the Fall might be even better than kayaking in the Summer…

We had this bookcase that was being neglected for years and last month Mr. SOTTS and I renovated and re-decorated and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. We tried to make the air conditioner unit not stick out like a sore thumb anymore. Here’s a before and after:



I’m still commuting into the city twice a week for a consulting job and as the days get shorter I’ve had some stunner sunset views…

Pretty in Pink

NYC Skyline

Speaking of stunning views, I’ve even caught a few locally. There was a sunrise just a few weeks ago while walking Duncan at the lake…

And this sunset in early September…

Sunset from our backyard

Will you be watching the NYC Marathon on Sunday?

How has your Fall been?

Duncan says hello…


So last year just before spectating the 2016 NYC Marathon I wroteĀ a post sharing all my experiences with the NYC Marathon from 2011-2015.


I just updated it today to include a link to my 2016 spectating experience and you can read it allĀ hereĀ !!!

There are tips for running, tips for spectating and of course I share so much of my heart as I talk about the highs and lows of each year.


And to all those running the 2017 NYC Marathon, have a great run, experience and day!

Hey there. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

The weather here in New York/New Jersey was awesome and we also got an extra hour thanks to Daylight Saving. Oh, and there was this little marathon with 50,000+ runners yesterday too šŸ˜‰

On Saturday, Mr. SOTSS and I took the dogs to Asbury Park (New Jersey) to stroll the boardwalk and let the dogs play at the beach. I love the Jersey Shore “off-season”.

Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys


Run free puppy!

Run free puppy!



Yesterday I traveled into the city to spectate the 2016 NYC Marathon.

It's always a hoot to see a dog in the subway. This guy and his dog were quite the pair

It’s always a hoot to see a dog in the subway. This guy and his dog were quite the pair

Wore my bright green coat again to be spotted easily.

Wore my bright green coat again to be spotted easily.

I met up with my friend’s husband and we split our time between mile 23.5 and mile 18. I saw some people I didn’t expect to see and some I very much did expect to see. I saw NYC Running Mama around mile 23.5. She was on fire and went on to set a 5 minute PR finishing in 3:07 something. And then I noticed Dean Karnazes. Running celebrity in the ultra marathoning world for sure.

Dean Karnazes

Dean Karnazes

NYC Running Mama

NYC Running Mama

I got to meetĀ Colene in person finally! I met her “virtually” on Facebook in 2013 through a running group page she used to organize butĀ had to wait 3 years to meet her in person. She lives on the west coast. Congrats to you girl.

Meet Colene. I met her "virtually" on Facebook in 2013 through a running group page she used to organize but finally got to meet her in person yesterday. So cool.

Looking good at Mile 18

I spotted my friend Erin at mile 18 too…


This woman! That's inpsiration right there.

This woman! That’s inpsiration right there.


Two of my favorite Brooklyn running friends Mike and Lisaā€”and Lisa's sister Valerie (who came from Texas to run!)

Two of my favorite Brooklyn running friends Mike and Lisaā€”and Lisa’s sister Valerie (who came from Texas to run!)


I just noticed the girl in green. Looks like she has to pee. She’s probably just waiting for a fellow runner friend at the water stop.


Saying goodbye to them as the made their way toward the Bronx

After hanging at the Mile 18 mark for a while we headed back to 5th Ave (Mile 23.5) to catch Lisa Valerie and Mike again. I spotted Jorge. I also got to see my friend Cathy. It was her birthday yesterday too!

Cathy the birthday girl!

Cathy the birthday girl!

it's Jorge!

It’s Jorge!


Looks like Val as a police escort. He was actually just there to keep us behind the blue tape.

And without fail I felt so many emotions surfaced. I have run the NYC Marathon 3 time, so I know very well the pain you feel on 5th Ave as you head back into Manhattan from the Bronx. I remember the amazing crowds and awesome volunteers who made me feel like a rock star. But when you’re spectating you can really see the mass of runners in such a different way. From runners with visible physical challenges to not visible personal challenges to longtime marathoners with streaks upwards of 30+ marathons and other’s proud to run their first. I could see determination, joy, pain and grit on the faces of every runner….something I don’t get to see while I’m actually running (although I do get to read the backs of shirts!).

It really was a fun day. And might I add almost as exhausting as running the marathon HA!

Hope you all have a good week.

I wrote this post a year ago, just a few days before spectating the 2016 NYC Marathon. I have updated it to include that spectating experience at the end of this post!Ā 


Before I jump into my Flashback Friday NYC Marathon Edition I just wanted to share a few things….. some more fall foliage pics I took while walking the dog yesterday.Ā becauseĀ every single year I in awe of Autumn…

I felt like I was in a fairy tale as I walked this path

I felt like I was in a fairy tale as I walked this path

treasuring this view

treasuring this view

the colors!

the colors!

And I went for a short run yesterday to test the waters after running the Trenton Half this past Saturday. I even wore my 2015 NYC Marathon Finisher’s shirt.


All thing NYC Marathon this week!

All thing NYC Marathon this week!

I’ve been involved with the NYC Marathon every year since 2011 in one capacity or another from running it, to spectating and then there was the year it was canceled.

Here’s a little timeline:

2011: My very first full marathon. I finished in 5:28 and swore I’d never run another full marathon again. My brother and niece and nephew came out to see me in 2 spots in Brooklyn and also at mile 23 in Manhattan.


about 5k into the race. Hugging my niece and my nephew is video taping me.

Hanging with Lisa....the much more experienced marathoner

Hanging with Lisa….the much more experienced marathoner

Hi. I'm running my first marathon and haven't hit the wall yet :)

Hi. I’m running my first marathon and haven’t hit the wall yet šŸ™‚

a little past the 10k mark

a little past the 10k mark

For more about the day you can readĀ this post remembering my very first 26.2

2012: Somehow I forgot what I said after running in 2011 and was all ready to run in 2012 until Hurricane Sandy had other plans. I was actually at the expo crying because of all the conflict (I live in Staten Island and we got hit hard and the race starts in Staten Island) and within 20 minutes of leaving the expo I found out the race was canceled. As a Staten Islander I knew I needed to do something so on 11/4/12 (the actual date the marathon would have been) I still ran 26.2 miles…..only it was to and from the local shelter where displaced Staten Islanders were staying. I delivered activities for the kids to keep them occupied Ā and warm socks and gloves as many had lost everything.

Even brought a few teddy bears.

Even brought a few teddy bears.

26.2 miles of running to and from the shelter

26.2 miles of running to and from the shelter

2013: This was the only NYC Marathon than I ran sub 5 squeaking in at 4:57. Here’s my recap of the 2013 NYC Marathon

I was so taken with emotion I stopped running about 10 steps before the actual finish line

I was so taken with emotion I stopped running about 10 steps before the actual finish line

Being silly at the halfway point and tweaking my back in the process.

Being silly at the halfway point and tweaking my back in the process.

2014: I spectated at mile 22 and had an amazing time spotting 7 of my friends, some random costume clad runners and this man: Dave Obelkevich.


David Obelkevich

Just last week ESPN asked to useĀ the photo for an article they were running on him.Ā So I now have a photo credit on ESPN. Here’s the link to the article.

I found Waldo!

I found Waldo!

My friend Carey

My friend Carey

Here’s my recap of spectating at the 2014 NYC Marathon

2015: The morning of this race was super special because my friend Jane and her friend’s Claire, Anne and Kerri all came to my house and we stayed here until it was time to head to the start. I drove us all there and we parked and entered into the secret back entrance for easy breezy access. startĀ It was also super special because Mr. SOTSS and his family were out on the course to see me.

Cutest darn spectator. (And she's also a runner. She is part of Girls on the Run, an amazing organization that I really wish I had time to volunteer for. Thank you so much for making that sign. You rock!

Cutest darn spectator: Mr. SOTSS’ 11-year old

And the most serendipitous part was bumping into Lisa just as we entered into Central Park at mile 23ish.Ā We ran the last few miles together and crossed the finish line together. Such a highlight! I haven’t run a full marathon since. I’ll see if 2017 changes that. Here’s my recap of the 2015 NYC Marathon

D.O.N.E. We did it! This was lisa's 13th NYC Marathon and 52nd marathon overall.

D.O.N.E. We did it! This was lisa’s 13th NYC Marathon and 52nd marathon overall.


2016: I had so many friends running the 2016 NYC Marathon that I just HAD to spectate.14939952_10210995980317153_2669257344471924854_o-1024x680

You can read my recap here.

Do you have a memory to share for Flashback Friday?

Ever run the NYC Marathon