After a ¬†week of 95+ degree weather we were blessed with a break! It was 79 degrees at the start! That’s where the “hey hey hey” comes into play.

New York Road Runners (NYRR), the organization responsible for the New York City Marathon, puts on many races during the course of a year. They have a special set of races called the 5 Borough Series. There is one event in each of the 5 Boroughs of New York City. I completed the Manhattan Half back in January, the Brooklyn Half in May and today I completed the Queens 10k (it used to be a half but I think because it’s in mid July the weather is usually too brutal for a half. I’m probably going to miss the Bronx 10 miler but I’ll definitely be doing the final race, the Staten Island Half in October.

What a lovely day it was. Lots of running peeps!!!

photo 3

PR guy to the left, then Lisa, me and speedy Mike at the right


A few PRs, some Popsicles, and plenty of great conversation.

photo 2

Triathalon girl, PR guy, Lisa and me

photo 4-1

Bumped into Cindy at the end of the race.




I really didn’t have any expectations for this event. I knew I wasn’t shooting to PR. I just ran at medium effort I suppose. My first 2 miles were 9:45 pace but then I slowed a bit, took a few pictures and walked through a few water stops. The course was pretty flat but my pace was a minute slower by the last 2 miles. I ended up finishing in 1:04:29 which is a 10:23 pace. I’m good with that. =)

Running locally, both with the trail run yesterday and the Queens 10k today gave me a re-kindled appreciation for where I live. I heart NY!!! And while I miss the Golden Gate Bridge, I have my own bridge to cross frequently. The other big suspension bridge….the Verrazano.



Question: Do you love where you live? Have you lived there your entire life? Anyone desperate to move?

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