What if

What if the MRI doesn’t reveal anything

What if I don’t get answers

What if the MRI reveals that something is in need of repair surgically

What if I have to wear a boot

What if I need crutches

What if I gain too much weight from being less active

What if I can’t run again

What if I can’t run the New Jersey Half

What if I can’t wear heels to Barbara’s wedding

What if I can’t run the Brooklyn Half

Yep. You get the point. I’m feeling a lot of What ifs lately.

I had my MRI tonight. Results should be back in a couple of days.

I rode my bike on Saturday for 5 miles to see how that would feel IMG_8711and I rode again yesterday for 8 miles. It was ok. IMG_8937I got a kick out of these geese trying to cross at the cross walk. IMG_8938That sign really should be more inclusive! 🙂 I’m not loving the bike. I don’t have a bike rack and trying to get it into the trunk of my car is quite cumbersome. The handlebars actually crashed down on me and whacked me in my ear when I was putting the bike back after riding. I feel like I have to concentrate so much on the bike (I have terrible balance) that I don’t get to zone out like with running or walking. Once I find out what the deal is with my toe and how long I’ll be an injured runner I’ll have to make a plan for how to be active without the bike as my only option.

In other news, I ate an entire bag of Starburst jelly beans yesterday. #triggerfood IMG_8899

And I thought I couldn’t control myself with popcorn….

And of course a Duncan picture to wrap up this post #yourwelcomeIMG_8941

What’s your trigger food?

What’s your latest “What if?”

Do you bike ride?


  1. Glad to see you wrote this all down… Now time to tackle only what you can control! Get out of the what ifs and start thinking about the right nows. Easier said than done… You WILL run again and you won’t gain a million pounds. Now is the time to try weight lifting (which honestly shaped my body in ways my beloved running never has), check out a new yoga or pilates class, even just clean out underneath your sink, your bathroom closet, your stationary/work stuff. Positive power!!!!!

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement! I REALLY want to do some strength/weight training but never seem to make it happen. Great idea about cleaning under the sink. My house sure could use a little spring cleaning 🙂

  2. Good luck with everything:)

  3. Pretty much every fruity candy ever is instantly gone around me. I have gone through *ahem* several bags of jelly beans in the last month or so. I hope they get back to you with results soon, so at least you’re not stuck wondering “what if?”

    I haven’t ridden a bike since the fall, (my wussy hands can’t handle bike riding in the cold) but I was really starting to get comfortable on it. I ride Tom’s spare bike – he got me fancy bike shoes for Christmas, which I’m still not good with. I’m waiting for the day I go to clip out and just tip over into a ditch. 🙂

    • Oh yes, my hands get cold when on the bike. I’m starting to think maybe a stationary bike or rowing machine might be in my future. Or laziness.

  4. I hope you get back good news. I feel like you and I are the same in the fact that I worry A LOT, about everything. It’s terrible. I’m also a big planner. Like I love to have my weeks planned out three weeks in advance or more.
    Your pup is super cute!

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