Happy Friday!

First let me say I’m loving your fun fact comments. To anyone who hasn’t entered/commented on my previous post and Pro Compression giveaway, go do it now!

So, 100 days until the NYC Marathon. Actually that’s really a lot of time and I’m glad because I’m nowhere near ready. My weekly mileage is only at 10-15 miles per week. It’ll go up to about 40 miles in my highest mileage week before the taper.

Wednesday morning I tried to get a run in before work. The weather was perfect but I didn’t give myself much time and to make matters worse my back was screaming and my calves were barking (or maybe the calves were screaming and the back was barking =) I just couldn’t get my legs to move…but I managed to shuffle through 2 miles and at least mentally I felt like I can start getting back into a routine of running before work. I’m not a morning person and I hate giving up any time with my dog before work. He’s got me wrapped around his little furry paw for sure.

almost 6 months later and I can finally support myself on my elbows

almost 6 months later and I can finally support myself on my elbows

The exciting thing about yesterday was realizing my rotator cuff has healed enough that I can finally support myself on my arms to do a plank and push ups. Woo hoo! I’m basically starting at zero here. Boy has my upper body (which wasn’t too buff to begin with) suffered in the last 6 months.

The weather the last 2 days has been so lovely. Lower humidity and cooler mornings reaching into the 80s during the day. Duncan and I have been loving the beautiful blue skies and cool “Dr. Seuss” clouds.

Those clouds...I see so many Dr. Seuss characters

Those clouds…I see so many Dr. Seuss characters

He's glowing

He’s glowing

Nope, I'm not licking anything mom.

Nope, I’m not licking anything mom.

I was off yesterday so I went for a run late morning. What a difference a day makes. I covered 5 miles and the heavy legs were gone. I was in a nice steady rhythm. I could have run more but I know i’m going to be running both Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_7053I also got my haircut yesterday and have been enjoying running my fingers through my hair since she blew it out straight which is a rare thing in my life.

IMG_7084Today it’s back to work but then other than running and an evening with one of my girl friends I’ve got a really relaxing weekend ahead of me. Maybe I’ll even grab my lounge chair, sit by the beach and read a magazine or something.

Have a great weekend! And I’ll announce the Pro Compression winner on Monday.

Will you be having a relaxing weekend or a wild and crazy one? 

My folks had so much zucchini in their garden so I decided tonight to make a lasagna without noodles.

IMG_7006I sliced the zucchini super thin and sautéed it in a pan with garlic and oil first. I should have read the Internet before that because apparently you’re supposed to salt the zucchini to draw out moisture. My finished product was a little watery but not that bad considering I didn’t use a recipe. I layered the zucchini with ricotta, mozzarella, fresh basil (also from my dad’s garden) marinara sauce, and some bread crumbs. Tasty! I’ll be eating this for lunch the next few days paired with some pasta and meatballs…Bellisimo!


So just a few weeks ago i was the lucky winner of a pair of PRO Compression sleeves from a giveaway on another blog (Thank you Ali On the Run!). I had the choice between socks or sleeves and I chose the sleeves since I already own 3 pairs of socks and wanted to give the sleeves out.
I became a big fan of compression gear when I started running marathons. I use compression socks after running while i’m recovering from those weekly long runs. And with all of the tendon issues I’ve had in my legs I swear that the socks have helped me recover quicker.
I don’t usually wear them for races but last summer I did wear them when I ran the San Francisco Half Marathon.
Think pink!

Think pink! Boy was I sweaty!

me and Lisa after running the San Francisco Half last summer

me and Lisa after running the San Francisco Half last summer

I was just coming back from an ankle injury and my calves were super achy. I think the only reason I don’t wear them more is because I usually wear capris and it looks kinda silly for some reason to have tall socks on.

Anyhoo—I was super stoked when I was asked to do a giveaway on my own blog. YAY! I get the chance to pay it forward.
So here are the details:
  • All you have to do to enter for a chance to win a marathon sock or sleeve of your choice is comment below with a fun fact about yourself.
  • You can comment until 10pm on Friday 7/24. I’ll contact the winner on Monday 7/27. 
  • Also, be sure to follow PRO Compression on Facebook and Twitter.
  • And if you prefer getting info about sales, discounts and other sweet giveaways emailed, you should go here to sign up for their newsletter.
  • Oh, and if you are chomping at the bit to buy yourself some PRO Compression gear ASAP you’ll get 40% off with the discount code PRO15
If you have any questions for me regarding socks, sleeves or even their amazingly comfy leggings which I now own 2 pairs of just let me know.
One little mention…this giveaway is only open to US residents so I apologize to all my loyal non-US readers. 
Have a great day!
Fun fact about you….GO!

Happy Monday…well it’s sorta late so I’ll also say Happy Tuesday too..

I spent the entire weekend with Mr SOTSS and it was such a treat!

Happiness is...

Happiness is…

It’s rare we have 2 solid days that are completely just for us to do whatever, whenever.I actually arrived at Mr. SOTSS’s house on Friday night after work and was in the middle of what I can now diagnose (per Google of course) as a spasm of the Piriformis =)  Weak pelvis/hips ladies and gents! The Piriformis is a pelvis stablizer and it makes sense since my hips/core are weak and my lower back has been bothering me that my Piriformis has been working hard at stablizing the pelvis. The whole kinetic chain thing! I used heat, ice and wine to alleviate the pain as best I could. Saturday morning I wasn’t anywhere near able to run but at least Mr. SOTSS got to run. He ran 8 miles with his loyal pooch Chester. It was cool and drizzly which allowed Chester the opportunity for the full 8. Since I couldn’t run, I walked Duncan into town to drop a card in the mailbox and then I tried to bike ride.
bikeSuccess! I hadn’t been on my bike since last fall. I kept it in the easier gear and just pedaled around Mr SOTSS’ neighborhood for about 30 minutes.
Then I came back and found this video on YouTube showing how to use a tennis ball to work out the spasm.
(The piriformis is right in the meaty part of your glute and sits on the sciatic nerve which is why it can be so painful) I have to say that within a few hours of doing the tennis ball trigger point massage and the pidgeon stretch I felt so much better!
Saturday night we cooked dinner together and then went to see Ted2. Cooking together was so lovely.
Fajitaless chicken

Fajitaless chicken

The movie Ted2 was really funny. I am 12 and get a kick out of teddy bears that curse. =)
Movie essentials

Movie essentials

Sunday morning we went on a hike with our dog hiking meetup group. And then we all had lunch together. It was raining but the trees protected us from most of the drops. So we got to enjoy the sounds of a downpour but only felt a drizzle.
It's like I'm wearing a raincoat dress. Not my best look!

It’s like I’m wearing a raincoat dress. Not my best look!



dirty doodle

dirty doodle

I looked up and took this picture. Only got one raindrop on my face

I looked up and took this picture. Only got one raindrop on my face

Sporting my Pro Compression leggings. I really love them

Sporting my Pro Compression leggings. I really love them

It was awesome! In the evening we made dinner together again. He did the outside grilling and I did the indoor sautéing.

We split the work. He did the outside grilling and I did the indoor sautéing

Grilled asparagus, chicken, salmon and sauteed eggplant and squash

After dinner we all just did a whole lotta lounging…
pile of paws

pile of paws

His tag matches the patio furniture so nicely

His tag matches the patio furniture so nicely

Chester was my heating pad on Friday night. Thanks buddy.

Chester was my heating pad on Friday night. Thanks buddy.

And then I had to go home. BOO! Well, I hope to run a little bit toward the end of the week and over the holiday weekend.

Oh and guess what? I won a Pro Compression sweepstakes/contest thingy held by Ali On The Run. I scored myself these awesome compression sleeves.

What's better than Pro Compression Calf Sleeves? Free Pro Compression Calf Sleeves!

What’s better than Pro Compression Calf Sleeves? Free Pro Compression Calf Sleeves!

Yup! It was a truly wonderful weekend. And now I’ve gotta get back to my work. I’m back to freelancing full time and boy oh boy am I busy right now. Have a great week!

Do you wear compression gear?

Did it rain at all for you this weekend?

Do you like to grill?