I ran the Trenton 5k this past weekend and can’t wait to tell you all about it but first I’ll just share a few highlights since my last post.

Well, I returned those Altra Torin 3.0’s that just didn’t seem to feel comfortable on my feet and ended up getting a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam (1080) sneakers.new-balance-frsh-foam

I sort of wanted to just exchange the Torin’s for a new pair of my beloved Escalante’s but they were out of my size so I tried on a ton of different kinds and these felt really comfortably. I’m hoping I don’t regret it but hey, I can return these too! Road Runner gives their VIP customers 90 days to return shoes from the originial shoe purchase. So I can keep going through the drill until January if I have too!

I haven’t actually worn the New Balance yet but I’ll most likely try a mile or 2 in them this week. After I left the store I went straight to the pizzeria where I got a few slices. Figured i’d celebrate my last night as a 43 year old with my favorite meal.



My birthday itself was rather lovely. I received beautiful flowers from Mr. SOTSS since I wouldn’t be seeing him until the next day. flowers-from-mr-sotssI went for a run and enjoyed the peak fall foliage right in my neighborhood.

Birthday Run

Birthday Run

local fall foliage

local fall foliage

Oh, and my sister in law sent me an Edible Arrangement.

Edible Arrangement with a side of cute dog

Edible Arrangement with a side of cute dog

And of course I walked with Duncan…

duncan-park-fallI also worked a ton. I’m being “blessed” right now with so much work. Freelance life is feast or famine and right now I’m feasting! But boy will I be busy the next few weeks.

Trenton Half Marathon 10k and 5k day

So on Saturday Mr. SOTSS and I drove down to Trenton, NJ so he could run the half marathon and I could run the 5k. My friend Jane was running the 10k (her first race since having her baby) and our friend Amy was also running the half. I’ve run the half in 3 previous years. You can read my recap for 2016 here, my 2014 recap here and my 2013 recap here.

It was so much easier this time around to watch Mr. SOTSS run a half because at least I was back in action and getting to run the 5k. If you don’t remember, he ran the New Jersey half back in May and I was too injured to run so I spectated and cried a whole lot.


The half and 10k start together at 8am but we all knew from previous experience not to expect it to start on time. The 5k starts out 30 minutes after. So at 8:15 I wished Amy, Jane and Mr. SOTSS good luck and then I found a spot by the start to snap a few pics of the start of the race. trenton-half-startThey were off by 8:20 and then 10 minutes later so was I since the 5k stayed on schedule. I really planned to take it easy. My toe has been doing fine but my right foot has been giving me some frustration lately. Just feeling weak and achy. I guess it’s also getting used to running again. But within the first mile my body warmed up and I felt really good. I knew I wouldn’t get to see too much along the short course compared to the half but I got a nice view of the fall foliage along with its reflection right away. trenton-5k-sceneryMy happiness was palpable. I could feel joy with every step. And before I knew it I was halfway through. I noticed on my watch that I was keeping a pace just under a 10 min mile and was so surprised. I ended up finishing in 30:21 with a 9:47 pace. Woo hoo! That was quite a nice surprise.Trenton-5k-results

IMG_3678All of the races end at the same place in the stadium of the Trenton Thunder (minor league baseball team) and when you enter into the stadium, you run around the warning track along the outfield until you reach home plate. So as Jane entered from her 10k I ran alongside her and cheered her on.

Run Jane Run!

Run Jane Run!

I did the same an hour later for Mr. SOTSS as he finished and also for Amy just a few minutes behind him.

Entering the stadium

Entering the stadium

Amy bringing it home

Amy bringing it home

That was the BEST part of the day. Usually everyone is waiting on me. So I was excited to be there to greet them all.

Even when I’m back to running half marathons, I’d still consider running the Trenton 5 or 10ks. It’s nice to be at an event with options!

Yesterday we had a large get together with Mr. SOTSS’ side of the family and he had a cake for me so that I could officially blow out some birthday candles.

wish made!

wish made!

Duncan hasn’t been feeling well so we’re going to the vet tomorrow. It started a couple of weeks ago with his very predictable firm pooping consistency turning into soft serve. It’s been that way now for 2 weeks and then this weekend he started to do this weird sneezing/snorting thing. Hopefully it’s nothing serious. He’s eating, drinking and playing normally which comforts me 🙂


Did anyone run this weekend?

Anyone celebrate anything this weekend?

Hi there.

Happy FriYAY! I figured I should let you guys know how my slow return to running has been going.

But first I wanted to just share a happier Las Vegas moment. After waking up earlier this week to the news of the horrific event that happened at the Rt. 91 music festival I was very sad as the rest of the country was too. It’s just so scary to think that we are just living in a world where things like this can happen. Anyway, I hate when we start to associate a specific place to a terrible event. Boston marathon bombings were a prime example. You literally can’t even Google “Boston Marathon” without seeing images from that bombings. While with all of history, we must not forget, I truly believe it’s helpful to re-associate with fonder times. So here’s my Las Vegas happy moment story…

Back in the fall of 1998, my boyfriend at the time, who was in the later stages of Melanoma, and I decided to get married. We opted to go to Las Vegas and get married in Red Rock Canyon which is right outside of the city/strip area. On 11.7.98 we sort of eloped but we did have about 6 guests. We stayed at the Mirage hotel. It was all sorts of awesome.

Welcome to the jungle... of the Mirage hotel lobby

Welcome to the jungle… of the Mirage hotel lobby

I went back on 11.7.99 for what would have been our 1st wedding anniversary (he passed away in April of 99). And sent a note attached to some balloons up in the air from the exact spot we were married at.

11.7.98 in the front photo and 11.7.99 in the back photo

11.7.98 in the front photo and 11.7.99 in the back photo

The note asked him to send me a rainbow. I know….corny right? But on the flight back to New York the next day I saw a rainbow! From the sky! It gave me this comfort that has stayed with me. It made me realize that we are always connected to our loved ones who’ve passed. It’s the hope I have for each and every person who has lost someone.

OK….now to awkwardly transition to my petty return to running update.

A few overall thoughts.

  1. It’s scary and i constantly worry about getting re-injured again
  2. I’m still not convinced that I’m “healed”
  3. I’m loving these short runs in that they don’t take much of a commitment to get done

OK, last Thursday I dropped Duncan off at the groomer and went to a soccer field 5 minutes up the road where they have super soft and cushy astroturf.

The final product. Poofy cuteness

The final product. Poofy cuteness



I figured what better way to re-introduce my body to running than with a flat/soft surface with easy access to my car in case anything went wrong. I don’t have to tell you how happy I was to be running. 10 minutes of finally feeling like myself.



It ended before I even got into my groove though. Overall I’ll say it was a success. I had no pain while running but as I did last time I got back to running I do feel the toe and the entire forefoot just feels “weird” sometimes a bit achy or tingly usually before and after the run. This has been the case for all 3 runs. (I bumped it up to 12 minutes on run #2 which was 3 days later and 14 minutes 3 days after that. I’m toying with the idea of backing down to 12 minutes today. I’m just so scared! I’ve been doing all my PT stuff too and I guess I’ll just keep taking it slow this month.



I literally just registered for the Trenton 5K on 10/28.



I’m guessing I’ll be running about 30 minutes straight by then so a 5k seems fairly doable. I’ve officially switched to my Altra Escalante shoes for running as they are the most comfortable for my feet although I’m worried that I don’t have much arch support. I’m going to the running store this weekend to poke around and see what other shoe options there are. I DEFINITELY need wide toe box but I also need arch support AND cushioning.

If I can keep my running short and easy for the next 3 months maybe my body will complete the final stages of healing and maybe, just maybe I can start 2018 fresh. I have to keep reminding myself that I MUST run in order for my body to get back to adapting to impact. Stress and rest….mantra city!

So that’s the scoop. I’m cautiously running and feeling foot “weirdness” and achy but no pain.

How are you? What’s on your weekend agenda?

Anything fun? Anyone have a return to running story to share?

So happy to report that my back is almost back to 100%! I was seriously freaking out when i last posted.

So now I’m finally planning my comeback.

Clearly Duncan is thrilled about my comeback

Clearly Duncan is thrilled about my comeback

I’m looking forward to joining my hiking group tonight and returning to the yoga mat tomorrow morning. I’ll modify as needed for my back if I feel the need.

And I’ve resumed what I was just getting underway with at physical therapy for my toe 2 weeks ago when the back went out. Yesterday I did 3 sets of toe raises and took a brisk walk. I’ll incorporate some jumps soon. Just want to make sure my back is truly 100 percent first. The next couple of weeks will be all about stress and rest which is what my toe needs to continue repairing in its final phases of healing. I found this great post on the site irunfar.com about recovering from soft tissue injury that explains everything so clearly.

My plan is to actually start running a little in another week or 2. I’m going to follow the rule of 2 starting with a 10 minute easy run and adding 2 minutes to each subsequent run so long as I have no pain. (I’ll be taking at least one rest day in between runs to monitor the situation).

Over the next 3 monnths I’ve got three 5Ks that I’d like to run (slow and steady!) if possible. I have to say that I am being cautiously optimistic but even just the idea that I’ll be running again this year makes me so happy.

trenton-halfSince Mr. SOTSS has already signed up for the Trenton Half at the end of October I’m hoping I can run the 5K. (Here’s my recap from 20162014 and 2013.)


Then there’s the Fall Flat 5K in mid-November (where I truly discovered what “conversational pace” was at last year’s race).

big-chillAnd finally the Big Chill 5K in December (you can read a little about last year’s race here. If all goes well I’ll think about increasing mileage next year.