Hi there.

Hope your week has been going fine and dandy well.

Last night I had my shoulder MRI. It was pretty painless. Took about 25 minutes and the technician had alternative rock playing so I was happy. They made me take my bra off because of the metal clasp, but I was able to keep the rest of my clothing on so I didn’t need to wear a silly paper gown. I tossed the bra in my purse. After the test was over I was in such a rush to get home I forgot to put it back on. When I got home I laughed that it was still in my purse.

have bra will travel

have bra will travel

I’ll get the results next week but as I’ve mentioned I’m finally feeling improvement and feel confident that at this point some PT will be all I need to get my full range of motion back in my shoulder. I cannot wait for the day I can pull a shirt over my head without having to gingerly slide my right arm into the sleeve first.

Oh, and I finally made some progress in the attempt for a referral to a sports injury doc. The receptionist at the doc’s office took down all the info for my request and was going to share with my primary care doc. If he approves then they’ll just call me when the referral is ready. Cross your fingers! The doc I’m hoping to see is actually a sports chiropractor. His bio says Dr. Williams has dedicated his life to treating sports injuries and teaching proper biomechanics to athletes, as well as any individual interested in leading an active life.” Sounds like the right guy for me! 

So last I left you I had just filled you in on my meltdown and the Cold Feat 10k. After my running peeps went home, I had to make a quick stop up the road at my folks’ house. It had started to snow and everything was blanketed in white.

childhood home

The house I grew up in…

Then on Sunday morning I took some cool shots of ice formations around my neighborhood.

I love when the water droplets freeze like this

I love when the water droplets freeze like this

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