Well hello there. I’m dusting off the old blogwebs for NYC Marathon Weekend 🙂

Yikes! Two and a half months have passed since I’ve blogged and Summer has turned into Fall.

The leaves have changed colors and are now falling at a rapid pace and I’ve finally dusted off the old blogwebs to post today.

I’m just so giddy and excited that Sunday is the NYC Marathon. Nope, I’m not running it this year (and most likely I might never get the opportunity again) but the energy is palpable and I want to share my enthusiasm for the race with people I know have interest in running.

I’ve been lucky enough to run it 3 times—2011, 2013 and 2015.

NYC Marathon medals

Recap Central:

Here’s a post that has a an overall recap of my all my experiences from 2011-2016 including a link to this post about my 2011 race (reflecting back 3 years later), my 2013 race recap here and 2015 here

You can also read recaps from when I spectated in 2014 and 2016.

I can remember so vividy my emotions at the finish of each race and I know that those experiences are so integral to who I am. I’m never happier than when I can share those experiences with others. And hey, it was the 2011 NYC Marathon that officially made me a marathoner.

My days of running marathons might have ended but my love of running is still strong as ever. I can’t wait to tune in to the race from my sofa on Sunday morning and feel all the feels.

In other news I turned 46 exactly one week ago. Mr SOTSS and I celebrated with a fun little weekend getaway to the North Fork and South Fork of Long Island and Shelter Island. We started on the South Fork driving through the Hamptons and walking along the beach after having a delicious warm 6 ounce chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery.

Happy 46th Birthday to MEEEEEEEE!!!!!

chocolate chip walnut cookie from Levain Bakery

If you know me at all, you know I love sweets but this was extra special because Mr. SOTSS and I have been dieting since Labor Day and were looking forward to splurging all weekend. (I’m down 10 pounds and he’s down about 15 pounds). AND it was my actual birthday so basically it was perfection.

So grateful to have been born in late October. It was a picture perfect fall day and the beach was all ours

Beaches in the off-season are the best

The North Fork is known for its wineries. We went to a couple of them but my favorite one was an all sparkling wine winery called Sparkling Pointe.

Sparkling Red!

More tripod/remote fun

The views of the vineyard were just stunning. Speaking of views, this was our view from the bed and breakfast we stayed at on Shelter Island…

The best part was the gift Mr. SOTSS gave me. A new tripod for my iPhone and a remote that controls the camera shutter on it. We had fun trying it out (ok, technically I had fun and he tolerated the shenanigans).

The remote even does burst mode!!!!

Happy with my gift. And the tripod too 🙂

Earlier this month I got to run the Staten Island Half Marathon and more importantly see some of my running friends…

Running friends are like mychicken soup for the soul.

And there was a celebratory pizza slice on the train ride back to my car.

And the next day I kayaked wearing my finisher’s shirt.

Kayaking in the Fall might be even better than kayaking in the Summer…

We had this bookcase that was being neglected for years and last month Mr. SOTTS and I renovated and re-decorated and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. We tried to make the air conditioner unit not stick out like a sore thumb anymore. Here’s a before and after:



I’m still commuting into the city twice a week for a consulting job and as the days get shorter I’ve had some stunner sunset views…

Pretty in Pink

NYC Skyline

Speaking of stunning views, I’ve even caught a few locally. There was a sunrise just a few weeks ago while walking Duncan at the lake…

And this sunset in early September…

Sunset from our backyard

Will you be watching the NYC Marathon on Sunday?

How has your Fall been?

Duncan says hello…


After (mostly) resting my knee for 3 days (and icing it the first 24 hours) I bounced back! I can’t remember the last time I healed so fast. And I even went on that walk in the park with Mr. SOTSS and the pups on Saturday. Go figure.

two of my favorite boys

two of my favorite boys

I have had this sweatshirt for about 6 or 7 years and if it weren't for Facebook/Instagram and the blog I might not have realized how much I wear it!

I have had this sweatshirt for about 6 or 7 years and if it weren’t for Facebook/Instagram and the blog I might not have realized how much I wear it!

The magical state park a mile from Mr. SOTSS' house

The magical state park a mile from Mr. SOTSS’ house

Welcome to our "church"

Welcome to our “church”

We didn’t go for the walk until I got to watch Shalane Flanagan win the NYC Marathon.IMG_3799

Yesterday I got back to full activity level. I went for a 30 minute run earlier in the day AND hit up yoga at night.

This is the right place!

This is the right place!

another easy 30 minutes of healthy and happy running

another easy 30 minutes of healthy and happy running

Still loving these New Balance 1080s!

Still loving these New Balance 1080s!

And I found a new use for my old yoga mat. It’s now a great cushion for my feet when I stand at my standing desk a long time. Gotta keep those feet happy!


This morning Duncan and I had a rough time getting going

Is it really time to get productive?

Is it really time to get productive?

So now you’re all caught up.

What’s new? What’s the weather like by you? 

Hi there.

Last night at 7pm I went for a run. It felt good.

4 miles in the dark

4 miles in the dark

I’m recovered from the Staten Island Half. I did feel slow the second 2 miles but no aches or pains. YAY! And since it’s been a while since I’ve gone for a run in the dark I enjoyed the spooky (and not so spooky….um…sorry Minnie Mouse isn’t capable of being spooky) decorations.



Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Skeletons having good conversation

Skeletons having good conversation

I’m enjoying this amazing month! October is my favorite month color.

My favorite color is October

My favorite color is October

My birthday is in 5 days. But more than that, there’s something so comforting about the cooler temps (well except that we hit 84 degrees the last few days….can you say Indian summer?!) and the gorgeous colors of the trees in peaches, reds, and greens.

An action shot. LOL

An action shot. LOL

Gorgeous colors

Gorgeous colors

Add in my favorite attire of hoodies, puffy vests, jeans and boots and baking apple crisps….apple picking and pumpkin picking too! Just no pumpkin spice. I am not a fan. Cinnamon is good though.

I baked this and ate this all by myself :)

I baked this and ate this all by myself 🙂

An apple picking day isn't complete without climbing into the tree for a selfie

An apple picking day isn’t complete without climbing into the tree for a selfie

best friends

hoodies and leaves!

Last Sunday we went pumpkin picking. pumpkin



Love that we all look the same height in shadow. :)

Love that we all look the same height in shadow. 🙂

In the corn maize maze

In the corn maize maze

And I made my Nemo. nemo-pumpkinNot sure it came out as good as the one I saw on Pinterest but i struggled to find paint that wasn’t all dried up. I finally ended up using white wall paint (satin finish lol!) But since I had no black paint I had to use a Sharpie. Um…. Using Sharpies on pumpkin skin isn’t easy.

It’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I usually coordinate my mammo in October but since I was so late making an appointment I’m going next month.

Favorite month?

Favorite season?

Favorite temperature?

Favorite thing to make with apples or pumpkin?


I just can’t get enough of the amazing colors surrounding me these days. I love this time of year.

I told y’all about my scenic drive on Friday. Well yesterday and today I spent time hiking and walking and took in some more gorgeous scenery.

oh the colors!

oh the colors!

beaches are fun in the fall!

beaches are fun in the fall!

Oh, and I ran the Trenton Half Marathon yesterday.


Full recap will be up in a bit but all you really need to know is I wanted to die at mile 4. I basically thought about the meal and adult beverage that I would be having at our post-race celebratory lunch. It worked. Visions of french fries and hard apple cider got me through =)

photo 4-2

November is just an extension of Oktoberfest….Bring on the Strongbow Cider!


Big group! And lots of PRs. Some raced the 5k, some raced the 10k and others raced the half. Pick-yo-distance! Photo courtesy of Jane

Since I actually didn’t feel too banged up today I took my bike out for a short recovery ride. Instead of cruising the neighborhood I put the bike in the car and went to the beach to ride along the flat paved access road. First time that Schwinn(y) got to ride in Forest(er). All my wheels have nicknames!


photo 5


I hope you had a great weekend too.

What’s your favorite thing about Fall or November?