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Christmas run 2012

NYC Christmas fun run 2012

On Tuesday, my boss called out sick leaving me to fill in for him. What a whirlwind day! I was busy making phone calls and keeping workflow flowing. I came home and just crashed. Last night I decided it would be nice to do an evening run again. My parents live about a mile up the road. They are on vacation and I’ve been tasked with collecting their newspaper and mail each day. So after dinner and some couch time with the dog and the remote I mapped out a 4 mile run (that’s what was on my training schedule) that would get me from my house to my parents house. I LOVE Google Pedometer. Then I packed a bunch of keys—my house key, my parents house key and mailbox key and my car keys. I also planned on walking to my car that was still parked by the bus stop about 1/2 mile from my parents house to drive it home. This was quite a multi-task run! I jingled about and focused on keeping my pace easy enough so that I wouldn’t have breathing issues. It’s still a heat wave situation here in NYC. And I’m trying to be pro-active about being discouraged after struggling through a short run. Well I have to say, my plan worked. I kept to an average pace of 11:11 which was almost a whole minute slower than Monday evening’s run. But I had control of my breathing for the entire run. I did however successfully sweat like crazy.


All in all, a nice run. Highlights were the 2 sprinklers I ran through, the dinnertime BBQ burger and hot dog aromas wafting through the air, the fireflies and of course the cold water at my parents house when I finished.

Question: What is your favorite website, app or other tool used in conjunction with running? Pace calculators? Route makers? Sneaker mileage tracking app?

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