Hey there. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

The weather here in New York/New Jersey was awesome and we also got an extra hour thanks to Daylight Saving. Oh, and there was this little marathon with 50,000+ runners yesterday too 😉

On Saturday, Mr. SOTSS and I took the dogs to Asbury Park (New Jersey) to stroll the boardwalk and let the dogs play at the beach. I love the Jersey Shore “off-season”.

Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys


Run free puppy!

Run free puppy!



Yesterday I traveled into the city to spectate the 2016 NYC Marathon.

It's always a hoot to see a dog in the subway. This guy and his dog were quite the pair

It’s always a hoot to see a dog in the subway. This guy and his dog were quite the pair

Wore my bright green coat again to be spotted easily.

Wore my bright green coat again to be spotted easily.

I met up with my friend’s husband and we split our time between mile 23.5 and mile 18. I saw some people I didn’t expect to see and some I very much did expect to see. I saw NYC Running Mama around mile 23.5. She was on fire and went on to set a 5 minute PR finishing in 3:07 something. And then I noticed Dean Karnazes. Running celebrity in the ultra marathoning world for sure.

Dean Karnazes

Dean Karnazes

NYC Running Mama

NYC Running Mama

I got to meet Colene in person finally! I met her “virtually” on Facebook in 2013 through a running group page she used to organize but had to wait 3 years to meet her in person. She lives on the west coast. Congrats to you girl.

Meet Colene. I met her "virtually" on Facebook in 2013 through a running group page she used to organize but finally got to meet her in person yesterday. So cool.

Looking good at Mile 18

I spotted my friend Erin at mile 18 too…


This woman! That's inpsiration right there.

This woman! That’s inpsiration right there.


Two of my favorite Brooklyn running friends Mike and Lisa—and Lisa's sister Valerie (who came from Texas to run!)

Two of my favorite Brooklyn running friends Mike and Lisa—and Lisa’s sister Valerie (who came from Texas to run!)


I just noticed the girl in green. Looks like she has to pee. She’s probably just waiting for a fellow runner friend at the water stop.


Saying goodbye to them as the made their way toward the Bronx

After hanging at the Mile 18 mark for a while we headed back to 5th Ave (Mile 23.5) to catch Lisa Valerie and Mike again. I spotted Jorge. I also got to see my friend Cathy. It was her birthday yesterday too!

Cathy the birthday girl!

Cathy the birthday girl!

it's Jorge!

It’s Jorge!


Looks like Val as a police escort. He was actually just there to keep us behind the blue tape.

And without fail I felt so many emotions surfaced. I have run the NYC Marathon 3 time, so I know very well the pain you feel on 5th Ave as you head back into Manhattan from the Bronx. I remember the amazing crowds and awesome volunteers who made me feel like a rock star. But when you’re spectating you can really see the mass of runners in such a different way. From runners with visible physical challenges to not visible personal challenges to longtime marathoners with streaks upwards of 30+ marathons and other’s proud to run their first. I could see determination, joy, pain and grit on the faces of every runner….something I don’t get to see while I’m actually running (although I do get to read the backs of shirts!).

It really was a fun day. And might I add almost as exhausting as running the marathon HA!

Hope you all have a good week.

Well, it might have taken me almost 2 weeks, but I’m so excited about this post because I love to reflect back on all the fun stuff! As a matter of fact I just might not even mention a thing about my injuries in this post because we all know they were a far cry from a highlight =)

January 26th, 2014: The Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon

We sure had one very cold and very snowy winter and it was great to have a half marathon to run in the new year while everyone else was home in their PJs watching TV and staying warm. It was 17 degrees that day. I always feel like running in inclement or extreme weather gives you honorary rock star status.

2014 fred lebow half1

Enjoying some frozen Gatorade

My friend Carey was the only other brave peep with me that day and we ran together from start to finish. She’s such a consistently paced runner and I enjoyed letting her keep us nice and steady.

2014 fred lebow half1a

Carey and me braving the cold for 13.1 miles in Central Park

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Hi folks,

Happy Monday! It’s chilly here in New York today but I’m so happy that we finally have daylight at 6:15am again after turning our clocks back in the wee hours yesterday. I love daylight savings for that reason, although I’m not looking forward to seeing darkness at 5 tonight when I leave work. Time to take the flashlight now when walking the dog. Speaking of, yesterday I got up super early (another perk of daylight savings!) and took Duncan to the park. He had been trapped in the house all day Saturday since the rain just never let up. The leaves were peaking and just so gorgeous yesterday.

photo 1

Then I drove to my boyfriend’s house where I left Duncan to hang with him for the day. Once the doodle drop-off was done I hopped on an 11:30am train to Penn Station and then switched over to the subway to get me up to the north east tip of Central Park, 110th St. and 5th Ave. (gee, sound familiar to my commute to the Dash to the Finish Line 5k on Saturday?) I arrived just a few minutes past 1pm. The weather temps were perfect for running but the winds were way out of control 🙁 I read today that there were wind gusts of 60mph on the Verrazano and 45mph at many other locations along the route. That’s tough for a runner. I’m proud to say that it didn’t deter any of my friends. They all finished!


Happy spectator Sally

Happy spectator Sally

Shortly after squeezing in and settling into my official spectator spot my friends started passing through. Some noticed me, others did not. First we had Robin…

Robin was looking for me as I took the picture.

Robin was looking for me as I took the picture.

She finally heard me screaming her name and waved! Next up was JD, who was running his first marathon. He was so in his zone he didn’t see me either…

In his zone! JD's first marathon!

In his zone! JD’s first marathon!

Then I was lucky enough to recognize this guy…


This is David

38 year streak! This is 71 year old David Obelkevich

Dave Obelkevich who is 71 years old, has run every NYC Marathon since 1976! I only recognized him in that split second because yesterday morning while having breakfast they had some pre-marathon footage on the news and he was interviewed! Crazy!

Next up was Carey.

Every Mother Counts...especially this girl. She's run so many marathons getting really close to completing all 50 states.

Every Mother Counts…especially this girl. She’s run so many marathons getting really close to completing all 50 states.

I even saw Waldo!

where's waldo

I found Waldo!

I missed seeing Cindy somehow but I didn’t miss Lisa. So here’s an AMAZING statistic. In the 43 years that the NYC Marathon has been in existence and with the 1,000,000th runner finishing this year, only 354 women have run the NYC marathon 10 or more times and my friend Lisa, the Lisa that inspired me to start running, is one of those impressive people. Yesterday was her12th NYC Marathon and 51st overall marathon. Can you say UNBELIEVABLE?!!!

Go Lisa Go!

Go Lisa Go!

Next up was Jorge with his infamous smile!

It's so easy!

It’s so easy!

And last but not least, another loyal NYC marathoner. My friend Pete (1 of 1,947 finishers) has run every year for the last 14 years straight! And get this? His training consists of running basically 3 miles a day every day and then he does a half marathon a month before. Easy peasy!

Go Pete Go!

Go Pete Go!

He even used his camera to take a selfie with me.


photo courtesy of Pete!

I’m so happy that I chose the spot that I did to spectate. It was easy to get to and so full of energy. There was a band playing music and I was in awe of how many runners still looked so strong and effortless at mile 22.5! Here’s a quick 10 second video.

I had such a great time watching from the sidelines. It pumped me up. I’m only one race away from securing my spot next year. I thought I was done running NYC after running it twice but somehow it’s just contagious. If you ever get the opportunity to run it or watch it DO IT! Trust me, you won’t ever regret it =)

Hope your week starts off well.

Have you ever run the NYC Marathon?

Have you ever spectated at a big race?