Friday I wore one of my new shirts to work:

Free People shirt

Free People shirt


And since my commute home from work Friday evening was quick, I took the doodle to the park for a nice walk to wind down after a busy week.

photo 3-1 photo 4-1


Saturday morning I woke up depressed. Just didn’t feel like leaving the couch. Not sure why. Apparently post-marathon blues are real.

lazy doodle

Duncan was depressed too


I finally got myself together to go for my first post-marathon run but…


…when I started the car my check engine light came on!

annoying engine light

annoying engine light


I drove to the beach and had a really nice run anyway. I ran about 1 of the 4 miles in the sand. I listened to some music (loving that Sara Bareilles song Brave!) and cried a little and felt so much better.

beach run

first run after marathon


Just as I was nearing the end of my run I could feel the same soreness on the outside of my foot that I felt right after finishing the marathon last weekend. I had assumed that the soreness was just from the sneaker being tied to tight perhaps and after almost 5 hours straight of running that it got a bit sore. But when the same soreness returned for this run I had a big epiphany that this was tendonitis of the Peroneal Tendon (the Peroneus Brevis to be exact). Yes, I’m self-diagnosing. I had an ankle sprain in the summer of 2011 (during the Warrior Dash) and had a rough time giving it time to heal and still train for my first marathon (NYC Marathon in November of 2011). Needless to say I made it through the marathon but didn’t go seek treatment for the injury until 2012. Eventually after physical therapy and acupuncture I recovered. The ankle sprain caused the Peroneal Tendons to be inflamed. Well, since then, this has been a chronic issue when my mileage gets high. But usually I feel the discomfort at the top of the tendon (behind ankle bone). So it didn’t connect right away that this was the same tendon until I went online and looked at this diagram.

I highlighted the area that hurts (photo source: anklecenter.com)

I highlighted the area that hurts (photo source: anklecenter.com)

The peroneus brevis attaches to the 5th metatarsal which is exactly where my foot hurts. So I have been icing it and taking Ibuprofen and hopefully another week of no running will be enough to let it heal. I’ve got a 5K next weekend and then a half marathon the week after, not to mention lots of long runs between now and July as well so I really want to make sure I’m healed and healthy!!!!.

Peroneus Brevis

Irritated my peroneus brevis – icing like a champ


I stopped for this yummy iced caramel latte after the run.

Dunkin Donuts Caramel Swirl Latte

my favorite


While I was resting the ankle I decided to color my hair. I always go for red but today I chose a new shade called Garnet Red and I LOVE IT!

garnet hair don't care

garnet hair don’t care-and yes those are rain drops on the shirt to the left. luckily it was just a quick passing sprinkle


Apparently the backs of my legs (from where my capris end and my socks begin) got a little sun during the marathon last weekend. It looks like dirt! LOL!

marathoner's tan

note to self: put sunscreen on the backs of your legs too!


Tomorrow my niece turns 14 and tonight we went out to celebrate at her favorite sushi restaurant.

She was so excited for the Polaroid camera she asked for. So retro! =)

The birthday girl’s dessert…Raspberry and Chocolate sauce was used to make the cherry blossom design on the plate. She was so excited for the Polaroid camera she asked for. So retro! =)


Happy Birthday Niece!!!!!

Last year the NJ Marathon fell on her birthday and she was the trooper and came to support me on the course anyway. While she likes running she doesn’t like to go farther than a mile. She’s more of a basketball girl….but I still haven’t given up on getting her to run a 5K with me someday. Oh yeah, we had dessert back at the house. I tried a chocolate chip ice cream cone. Hello! It was awesome.

ice cream!!!!!

ice cream!!!!!


My friend picked me up this bottle of wine just because he thought i’d like the bottle. Thanks! I love Riesling!




Tomorrow is Monday 🙁

Question: What were some of your highs and lows this weekend. 

I celebrated the final training run with some shopping yesterday. I hardly ever buy anything other than running gear lately but yesterday I picked up a couple of pretty tops and a pair of cropped jeans at Macy’s.

I got this very summery Free People top:

Free People shirt

Free People shirt beautiful model not included (photo from Macy’s website)

But I bought a purple cami to wear underneath instead of the one in the pic above. It’s a great style for my shape (apple!) No bargain here though 🙁

I also got this sheer, floral, long sleeve Lucky top.

Lucky floral shirt

Lucky floral shirt…god i love her hair! (photo from Macy’s website

Again, no bargain…but I LOVED how it tied in the front. Sometimes tunic style tops overwhelm my short 5′ 3″ body and I don’t like dressy button down tops that have to be tucked in because they get wrinkly and fussy. So this will be great. I’m going to wear this today so I’ll post a photo to my instagram later.

And to round out the bottom, I got these Tommy Hilfiger cropped jeans:

tommy capris

tommy capris- (photo from Macy’s website)

Then I went to the grocery store to get my pre-race fuel stash:

Super Pretzels

Super Pretzels and some fresh flowers just for kicks

I picked up these pretty carnations too. Don’t they look so pretty on my table?


fuscia and celery green carnations.

Then I got suckered into the half price Easter candy at the register.

half price easter candy

half price Easter candy balanced out with organic spinach!

But I evened out the sugar with my “family size” container of organic spinach!

Tonight when I get home from work I’m taking this boy for a little shopping spree too!

Duncan and Sally

Curl overload!

Well we’re just going to the pet store for poop bags and dog food but I’m sure he’ll score a treat at the register.

Hope everyone made it throught the week ok.

Question: What are you doing this weekend? Anyone have a race?
Last chance to suggest inspiring songs or quotes/mantras to me….