I took 3 days off and today went for a run. 2.8 miles in and I had to stop for a traffic light. I immediately felt that sharp knee pain when i stopped. I continued running another 3/4 of a mile without pain but when I finished my run the knee hurt again. So now I am icing and praying. Half marathon in 4 days. I am such a knee pain newbie!!! Looks like I’ll be riding the bike a lot after Sunday 🙂

Can y’all give me some words of advice. Well other than taking an ax to my knee. =)

knee pain


  1. I’m the last person to give anyone advice. When I get it, I don’t listen anyway. So, you’re on your own there… =)

  2. So where is the pain…Front of the knee, inside, or outside? Whenever I have pain from ITBS, it almost always kicks in between 2-3 miles into the run, so that is my first thought. If the pain is sort of on the lower outside of the knee, than I would definitely start foam rolling the heck out of it, and Google ITB stretches!

    I would definitely keep icing and resting, taking ibuprofen regularly. and honestly, I don’t think I would do more than a mile or two shakeout run between now and the 1/2. I am currently down with prepatellar bursitis and just missed my fall marathon because of it, so I can definitely sympathize 🙁

    • WOW! Stef thanks so much for the advice. I hope the bursitis goes away soon. Sorry you missed out on your fall marathon. Sigh!

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