Life is busy. Life is good. It’s my 40th birthday today!!!! I feel like an old lady in the world of blogging. Had one martini last night and I feel like I have a hangover 😉 I’m meeting friends for dinner tonight and plan on these accessories:


Yesterday I started my morning taking my dad to his mechanic to pick up his car in this really pretty town in NJ. Fall foliage is just in full effect here on the East Coast.


photo 3-1

photo 4-1

Then I took the doodle on our favorite mystical magical walk in the woods.

photo 5-1

Then I attempted what I thought would be an easy thing to make….Caramel Apples. I wanted to give them as favors to the guests at my party tomorrow. I went apple picking and (discovered the best cross training ever) last weekend and picked 36 Granny Smiths for the task. Everything started off successful! They were lookin’ good.


All the elements before the debacle


The first batch….lookin good!

I even wrapped one to see what the final product would look like


Short-lived success

But a few hours later, the caramel slid off the apple and I ended up with this…

photo 3

pool of caramel with an apple garnish

I managed to salvage about 2 dozen buy melting chocolate and spreading it on the apple with some toffee bits but the rest were a total bomb!

photo 1


I’m praying that The Rescue Baker saves the day. She mentioned maybe she could make mini cakes for all! After the apple debacle I went for a run because that’s what I do right? I sweat out the small stuff 😉

Duncan sticking his nose into everything as always

Duncan sticking his nose into everything as always

All was good until I got a weird side stitch just before mile 4. It lasted for forever a few minutes and I had to walk. I freaked out! What if that happens to me during the marathon?

Then came my first of many birthday celebrations. Sushi! (and a coconut lychee martini which I drank too fast to photograph)

the heart shaped roll was called the Cupid Roll.

the heart shaped roll was called the Cupid Roll.

I arrived at work today and these lovely gifts were waiting for me…

flowers and for me!

flowers and cupcakes….works for me!

And now I better get back to work. I’ve got another celebratory dinner tonight and then tomorrow my running peeps and I are running the last 10 miles of the NYC Marathon route in preparation and then in the evening I’ll be partying it up!

Catch ya later.

Question: What’s your favorite tradition on your birthday? I always like to take a walk in the park and enjoy the Autumn leaves. 

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