Bad news or good news first?

OK let’s start with the bad news. I’m not running the New Jersey half marathon on Sunday.IMG_9455

This will be the second half marathon I’ve had to DNS this year. I wasn’t able to run the Philly Love Run last month due to this toe injury (and I also wasn’t able to run the 3rd of the trail run series meaning I’ll only have 2/3 of my interlocking medal. )

How sad....2/3 of an interlocking medal

How sad….2/3 of an interlocking medal.

Good news….I can walk 3 straight miles before my toe starts to hurt.


walk 3 miles once a day

IMG_9461This is progress. Unfortunately my entire body lost fitness and all my muscles are so sore, achy and tight. My “good” side has been bearing extra pounding while I limped for the last 5 weeks that everything is angry. My knee hurts, my foot hurts, my glutes hurt, my hamstrings hurt. Sigh! This is going to be a LONG recovery process. I’m actually wondering if I’ll even be able to run the Brooklyn Half in 3 weeks.

More good news. I’m going to be at the start and the finish line to cheer Mr. SOTSS on. Last time I was at one of his races he set a PR so hopefully I’ll have the same effect on him.

I saw a clip on Rachel Ray this morning with Bob Harper, the coach from the Biggest Loser who recently had an almost fatal heart attack. His story resonated with me because he spoke about his fear of returning to the very thing that is his passion….the gym/working out. I’m feeling similar about running.

So, with a stiff upper lip I accompanied Mr. SOTSS to the expo. This wasn’t the first time I went to an expo for a race I couldn’t run. Ah, Brooklyn 2015.

I’m truly excited for him and to be able to see him cross the finish line but I’d be lying if I said I’m not crushed that I won’t be able to run. Figures….good weather forecast too.

So until further notice my prescription for recovery will be to walk 3 miles once a day….with meals of course. 😉

And of course taking lots of cute photos of Duncan always cheers me up.

IMG_9440 IMG_9465 IMG_9466

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great news about the walks! I am doing rehabs walks now, too! I managed 2 last week and 3 this week (along with my cycling and swimming). I know that coming back (even to walking) is not without pain but it does (slowly) get better! We can cheer each other on. I am confident you will be back to running sooner than I will (for me it’s probably another month in my brace and getting the regeneration therapy) so just take it easy and “try” to enjoy the process, girl! Go Mr. SOTSS!!

    • Thanks Susan! I showed Mr. SOTSS your comment:)
      Oh I hope this last month of brace wearing goes fast!

  2. I’m glad you are up and walking again. I know how much it sucks to not be able to run. It was about this time last year when my mystery injury stopped me from running for almost 2 months. It took several trips to the chiropractor and a lot of patience (which I SO do not have) before I was back to running.

    Loving the Duncan pictures, as always 🙂

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