Hard to believe the second half of the year is upon us.

Saw this on Facebook yesterday morning…

10450156_10152110645672721_5163773814846693070_nWho STARTS their marathon training 26 days before the race?!!! ME!!!! =)

photo 2

Aside from the two 10Ks I shuffled through in June and the two attempts to run 4 miles in May, I haven’t run since I crossed the finish line of the NJ Marathon back on April 27th thanks to my tendonitis. So yesterday’s “official” return to running was a happy day. A slow 5k! At 7:30am, the humidity was already 83% but I didn’t care….I was running and sweating out stuff, and listening to music! (I haven’t had music on my bike rides because I’ve wanted to be more alert for cars and pedestrians.)

It felt so good physically and mentally. Slow….but good.

I also spent a few minutes with the foam roller, stick and some weights (and COFFEE!!)

photo 1

And then I had a conference call (worked from home yesterday)…

photo 3

Next up in my “accelerated” marathon training schedule for dummies is a 5 miler on Thursday morning followed by another physical therapy session that afternoon and then over the holiday weekend I’ll be running an easy 8 miler and biking too. I’ll also be doing lots of stretching.

I’m actually feeling really relaxed about the marathon. It’s nice to have a goal of just finishing =) If I just keep my pace slow and slowly build my miles I’ll be doing all that I can do realistically to get me to the starting line healthy. Undertrained….but healthy. With a 6 hour time cutoff I could do run/walk intervals and still keep my pace slow. Or I could drop back to the half at the expo. So it’s a win win! And frankly, the reason I’m going and running San Fran is because Lisa’s sister Valerie is running her first full and when Lisa decided to go support her I wanted to go too….and then Michelle said she was running the half and then Roger said he was doing the 52.4 (which pavementrunner is also doing) and my favorite blog friend TSA is doing the half as well. So it’s really going to be a huge party and celebration.

OK off to get ready for work! Happy Humpday! Happy July!


  1. 26 days should be fine! No biggie. But let’s concentrate on the important parts…. You are coming to visit and so are lots of others!! So excited even if I have to run 26 miles. Eek!

  2. Cheeeeeeewhooooooo! I’m crossing my fingers and toes for all of us!!!!

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