Active without running

Hi there,

I’m emerging from my funk and lack of activity and have been active without running.

First there was the blizzard a week ago that dumped about a foot of snow here. I shoveled a ton. My arms got a very good workout!

shoveling is the new cross training

shoveling is the new cross training

Last weekend, Mr. SOTSS, his girls and I went sledding! Walking up to the top of the hill multiple times worked my leg muscles and sledding down worked my face muscles…I was laughing and smiling so much.

What a great invention

What a great invention

Working my face muscles

Working my face muscles


On Monday I took a brisk walk through the neighborhood while listening to podcasts.

On Tuesday I returned for a yoga class and last night I joined my hiking group for 2 solid hours of hiking in the snow. We covered about 4.75 miles and boy am I sore today.

It was 7:30 pm but the snow allowed us to see well even without our headlamps

It was 7:30 pm but the snow allowed us to see well even without our headlamps

I also dusted off the old Wii Fit and did some Hula Hooping. Geez, my abs are killing me after only 6 minutes, two days in a row.


Not activity related but Duncan is feeling better and got groomed too.


On a scale of 1-5 what’s your activity level like these days? Have you ever gone sledding? 


  1. Sledding is so much fun! There aren’t too many sizeable hills in my neck of the woods though we do go at least a few times a year. One of our local ski hills rent snow tubes as well – that is on my to do list with my girls!

    I’m at a zero today with activity – I was up to 30 min on the bike but I think going to the gym every day was a bit much because I started having a fair amount of pain yesterday. I was warned that recovery from this surgery would be a series of peaks and valleys and to just listen to my body and back off whenever pain appears, so today I’m doing just that (on the heating pad streaming Nurse Jackie with a cat snuggled up at my side – could be worse). One day at a time!

  2. You have been active! Way to go. Well, this week was “interesting” … I broke my toe on Sunday night so I had a lot of rest, some upper body weights, a swim on Friday and today I did the spin bike and that didn’t hurt it so happy. Can’t wait to get back on my feet but that will be awhile!

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